Experiential Training in Kundalini Yoga for the Aquarian Age (Yoga Alliance Professionals Foundation Course) (Yoga Alliance - KRI Certified Level 1 Course)

Our comprehensive 220+ hour Kundalini Yoga Instructor course comprises 180 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of home study (which exceeds the current Yoga Alliance (USA) standards) and also leads to membership of Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) - "raising standards of yoga teaching worldwide".

Today's Teachers need to question Piscean sources and explore Aquarian solutions.”

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The K1 course includes:

Use of  breath, posture, sound, and meditation to awaken & train the mind & body. 

Kundalini and Yogic philosophy. 

Yogic and Western Anatomy;

Developing a clear calm meditative mind 

Utilising mantra and sacred sound from various traditions

The way of the Yogini;

Developing a daily yoga practice;

Developing a personal yogic lifestyle;

Teaching modern Kundalini Yoga for the Aquarian Age.

Truth, transformation and the guru complex.

The ethics, role and conduct of a teacher

Examining a variety of sources to determine a personal position


During this course you will: 

Learn to safely and beneficially apply the ancient understanding of Kundalini in a contemporary yogic context. 

Challenge yourself. 

Confront self-imposed limits. 

Touch your soul. 

Experience your highest, purest consciousness. 

Gain the knowledge & confidence to build a more peaceful and creative life.

Work creatively with a group of like minded people - most of our courses feature an affordable yoga retreat led by our graduates


This course is suitable for:

Students of Kundalini Yoga

Students and Practitioners of any of the many paths of yoga

Teachers of other spiritual perspectives

All seeking to deepen a yogic experience (including those who do not want to instruct yoga)

Those seeking to develop a greater spiritual awareness


Certification Requirements:

Attendance and participation in all sessions 

Timely payment of all course fees

Satisfactory teaching practice assessment

Passing grade on the set examinations

Attendance of 20 approved yoga classes outside the course

Creation of 2 sample yoga class curricula

Attending a designated additional day of yogic meditation 

Participation in a minimum of 5 designated early morning group Sadhana

Completion of  at least two assigned 40-day yoga kriya 

Satisfactory completion of all coursework 

Submission of course and trainer evaluation feedback

Upholding a designated Teachers Code of Excellence

Please note:

1. The i-SKY Teacher Training team reserve the right to grant certification based solely on their discretion and evaluation of each student’s readiness to be a Teacher of Yoga for the Aquarian Age. This evaluation is based on successfully meeting the course requirements including but not limited to those listed above. 

2. Students are strongly encouraged to submit all certification requirements within 6 weeks after the end date of the course. All requirements must be completed and submitted no later than 12 months after the conclusion of the course. 


i-SKY offer the K1 course as both a Foundation Course recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and as a Level 1 course recognised by the Yoga Alliance (USA).

Full details on request.



i-SKY ATA Training Teams

As Mentoring Lead Trainers within the Aquarian Trainer Academy, Guru Dharam and Darryl created an excellent international i-SKY ATA Training team to complement the friendly local i-SKY administrative and student support teams. 

No less than 75% of every i-SKY YAP courses is taught by one or more of the Senior Yoga Teachers

All YA compliant i-SKY courses are conducted under the direction of, and usually attended by at least one of, the Mentoring Lead Trainers. 

All i-SKY team members are required to maintain a continuous process of ProfessionalSupervisionSpiritualGuidance (i-SKY PSG - established under the direction of the late Judy Fraser).


Why train with i-SKY?

Our syllabus is unique and has been evolving since 1995. Our approach is to challenge the group and in return to rise to the opportunities they present - every student group takes the teachings in new directions. The minimum level of instruction and the required level for certification should be the same the same for any YAP Foundation or YA Level 1 course anywhere in the world but some students will be better suited to one program or trainer than another. We have been offering these courses for longer than most and have a great deal of diverse experience. We try to be inclusive, to offer a yogic perspective which we can substantiate (rather than random rules which must be enforced), and we have generally been seen as taking a more liberal view toward modern Kundalini Yoga than most. We have a quarter of a century of excellent student feedback and are always happy to put prospective students in touch with a recent graduate to talk about the course from a students perspective. Whenever possible we offer the option to try a weekend before committing to the whole course. We endeavour to make all our courses affordable and graduates consistently report that they got much more out of the course than they had expected - some having paid much more in the past for "similar" programs that delivered less. If you have the opportunity to do so please join us on one of our retreat weekends where you can chat to current students, see the quality of their delivery, and get a taste of the i-SKY style.

The international School of Kundalini Yoga  (i-SKY) is the longest established Kundalini Yoga training in the UK (1996) and was amongst the first of the KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) certified programs across the world. i-SKY evolved into a network of international Schools of Kundalini Yoga offering a variety of other training programs and related short courses - in addition to training kundalini yoga teachers in the UK, USA, the Middle East, South East Asia, and across Europe.

i-SKY is committed to spreading the safe practice and understanding of yoga in the new "aquarian" age and recognises diverse sources of authentic Kundalini Yoga from the ages past. i-SKY seeks to create competent and confident practitioners and instructors of Yoga through example, challenge and encouragement; and to inspire those teachers to enthuse a new generation of students through this timeless technology of personal transformation. 

“A tree is known by its fruit.”


i-SKY K1 Modular Course Structure

The K1 course comprises a minimum of 22 very full days and is offered in a variety of formats mixing 1 - 5 day modules but is most often presented as 10 residential weekends addressing these themes:






Part 6   PRACTICAL TEACHING                        






Cost and Dates

Costs will vary from region to region but we always try to offer great value for what is a well proven experience. Non residential and online courses have proliferated in recent years but when and where possible we still offer a residential course option (which we believe best supports the student process). We do not offer "one month intensives" as we prefer the gradual assimilation of a deep process of personal transformation.


Please see local course links for specific course details in countries other than the U.K.

The UK specific information below will still be of general interest if you are considering a course with us in another country.


U.K. K1 course information

We have not currently retained a residential venue - previously we offered our main UK courses in the SOUTH at Ufton Court (Reading)

and also at least one UK course in the NORTH (Liverpool &/or York)

and also one 24 weekday (Mon&Tues) course in LONDON (Kensington).

Since 2020 we have also offered online and hybrid courses

See the latest course information here 



U.K. Fees:

SOUTH: £1975 Prepaid or £2175 PayAsYouGo
includes comprehensive course manuals, vegan food, simple dormitory accommodation (full bed and board), teachers association membership & student teacher insurance; the only required extra is the cost of the food that you eat which is budgeted for by each student group as part of the course learning experience.

NORTH: £1830 Prepaid or £2030 PayAsYouGo (Price to be confirmed at time of booking). includes comprehensive course manuals, vegetarian food, (simple shared accommodation  York only limited to early applicants), teachers association membership & student teacher insurance; excludes local B&B (if required) and the cost of food purchased by the group - budgeted for by each student group as part of the course. 

LONDON: £2495 Prepaid or £2985 PayAsYouGo (Price to be confirmed at time of booking). Non-Residential Weekday course including comprehensive course manuals, teachers association membership & student teacher insurance options; excludes local B&B (if required). Lunch is not included.


U.K. General Information

Since 1996 (when i-SKY established the very first UK Kundalini Yoga course in the UK) until 2022 we offered an annual cycle of what has proved to be a very successful and rewarding programme. Rewarding for those individuals who chose to explore their own self-awareness through this transformational spiritual technology and successful in that we empowered ever more conscious and competent teachers - many of whom never expected to teach at all!

 Every year some students will join us with little awareness of their intention to teach but with a genuine motivation to deepen their understanding of the process that Kundalini Yoga has sparked within them and, year after year, those students discover will discove themselves - in the realisation that we are all teachers in the making.

The experience of a modern Kundalini Yoga class or practice touches the soul or spirit and engenders a deep yearning for something missing in our modern lives. Although we treat all our K1 course participants as prospective yoga instructors, we are aware that ever more of our students are using this course to facilitate a necessary transformation in their increasingly demanding lives - rather as the cocoon facilitates the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

Student Feedback

 The course itself has developed over the years and has been offered in more than 50 different countries. The definitive 220 hour syllabus is supported by two excellent course manuals and enjoys international recognition by both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our course is largely experiential but if you thought that this course would be all about yoga postures you are in for a most informative surprise.

 These courses comprise 10 residential weekend units, each running from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. The course must be completed within a 2 year period (i.e. any unit missed in the first series must be attended in the second series). As well as the core group of new students, who will progress through the course with you, you will subsequently meet experienced students from the previous year completing their attendance requirement. We find this approach broadens the participant’s experience as well as allowing some flexibility for those juggling other time commitments.

 Our exciting syllabus has been developing for a quarter of a century and is delivered in the UK by an internationally experienced i-SKY team under the direction of Darryl O'Keeffe and/or Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa and/or Livtar Llyn. Each Part is presented by one of the i-SKY Trainers supported by a member of our Teacher in Training team and/or an experienced Aide, whom you will have met on your first weekend - this ensures continuity as well as a variety of presentation styles.

We encourage students to begin to instruct during the course and can provide suitable insurance arrangements. We encourage our graduates to continue appropriate professional development - both through Yoga Alliance professionals and through supervision within i-SKY.

We firmly believe that experience is the key to understanding, so we try to offer opportunities the course before committing yourself to registering as a student. Firstly. oga retreats offer the opportunity to meet with past and present students and teachers and get a flavour of the i-SKY style. Secondly, (subject to availability) you can attend Part 1 and/or 2 with no obligation to continue the course further unless you then choose to do so. Please note though, that the demand for places on our courses has often meant that only those who pre-register for the course can be assured of a place. Several places may be reserved a year in advance and late applicants may be disappointed.

The final part of our course is generally an "open to all" yoga retreat planned and facilitated by our graduating students.

Our main UK course venue this century has been Ufton Court near Reading in Berkshire - a beautiful Tudor manor, extended in Elizabethan times, set in its own delightful grounds and balances the quiet of a rural retreat with easy access by road, rail and air.

Yoga is a path of self-development, a path to the realisation that all is One. Yoga means the "union of all". All yogic paths lead to an awareness of the subtle energy centres or chakras and the latent spiritual energy of Kundalini. It may be truly said that Kundalini is the point of union of all paths of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga facilitates the integration of body, mind and soul through achieving, maintaining and expanding a state of higher consciousness. This state is reached through asanas (physical exercises and postures), pranayama (breath control), meditation, relaxation, yogic philosophy and a yogic lifestyle as shared, taught and practised on this course.

"Experience is the key. It is experience that validates our understanding. Experience goes right into the heart. No words can replace experience." This course, therefore, is essentially experiential.

Early Morning Sadhana is the modern foundation of the spiritual technology that is Kundalini Yoga and forms the backbone of a residential course. The group will share an "Aquarian Sadhana" each morning of the course at 5am: exercising, meditating, chanting and singing.
You will be learning and practising a proven spiritual discipline that bridges scientific and religious understanding.
You will experience, enjoy and participate in creating a spiritually charged group dynamic.
You will develop a deeper understanding of your own yoga practice.
You will be making new friends and sharing a lot of laughter with like-minded people.
You will have the opportunity to qualify as an internationally recognised Kundalini Yoga Teacher and, even if you choose not to do so, you will be better able to support those who increasingly turn toward you because they are uncomfortable where they are and they perceive that you did something that left you comfortable "standing in your own truth".


This course is open to all and everyone has the potential to benefit from it:
Experienced students with a well-developed personal practice of Yoga over one or more years who may now wish to share those benefits with others.
Less experienced students simply seeking to deepen their understanding of Yoga.
We strive to offer a basic ashram style experience, accentuating the simple pleasures in life.
The diet provided will be vegan and the group may be self-catering (an integral part of the learning experience -when offered).
We will be sharing all the "ashram style" experience - including the chores!


Course Dates

Please note that our January SOUTH course began as an "overflow" course and although it is now well established it remains "subject to demand" and students are therefore advised to start in October if possible.


Outline in-person Schedule (Ufton Court residential)


17:00   Optional Yoga Class            
18.15   Supper
18.45   Registration
19:00   Diary Feedback
20:00   Weekend Theme
21:00   Close of Day
07:00   Sadhana
08:00   Breakfast
09:00   Session 1
11.30   Session 2 (Active)
13:00   Lunch
14:00   Session 3
16:00   Session 4
18:00   Supper
18:00   Session 5
21:00   Close of Day
07:00   Sadhana
08:00   Breakfast
09:00   Session 1
11.30   Session 2 (Active)
13:00   Lunch
14:00   Session 3
16:00   Close of Weekend


Online Weekend Schedule

Saturday & Sunday

09:00  Session 1

11:00  Session 2

13:30  Session 3

15:30  Session 4

plus weekly sessions of 75-90 mins for the duration of the course.


Basic Certification Requirements for YAP Foundation & YA Level 1

All Ufton Court i-SKY courses (and elsewhere when led by SYT's) register Trainees with Yoga Alliance Professionals where, upon successfully completing the following 11 aspects of the course, the Trainee can upgrade YAP membership to Yoga Teacher and follow a personal path of professional development. 

Those successfully completing the following 11 aspects of the course may also be certificated by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute, USA) as Instructors of Kundalini Yoga to the Yoga Alliance (USA) Level 1 standard and may be registered as such with the UK Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association or, in the case of overseas students, the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA).

 1    Full attendance of all sessions within a 2 year period and full payment of all fees in advance.
 2    Completion of 20 Kundalini Yoga classes after commencement of the course.
 3    Satisfactory performance in practicum
 4    Passing grade of 75% or better in any examinations.
 5    Creation of two yoga course curricula.
 6    Completion of two 40 day kriya (yoga set/meditation).
 7    Regular participation in morning sadhana (full attendance of a minimum of 5).
 8    Submission of a written evaluation of the course and the performance of each of your Teacher Trainers
 9    Attendance of a designated additional day of meditation practice.
10   Representation of an approved (YAP and/or YA and/or other) Code of Professional Standards for Yoga Teachers and satisfactory performance in a course exit interview (if offered or required).
11   Completion of Certification Requirements (all set coursework and examinations to a satisfactory standard) before the end of the program.


 Additional (optional but recommended) Certification Requirements for i-SKY Teacher Training (Unit 1)

Those successfully meeting the expanded criteria (some of which are detailed below) will be credited as having achieved Unit 1 of the SKY Teacher Training Programme, will receive a Certificate of Achievement crediting them with Unit 1 of the Teacher Award and will be advised of the evidence requirements to complete the award in their final tutorial.

12    Attendance of 20 morning sadhana on the course and regularly teaching a Kundalini Yoga class to a satisfactory standard.
13    Completion of five 40 day kriya.
14    Undertaking a 40 day yogic food journey.
15    Maintenance of a daily journal of experience and progress.
16    A minimum of 2 years personal practice of Kundalini Yoga (attendance of 100 classes).

Evidence Requirements for the Achievement of i-SKY Teacher Training Unit 1
 1  Written verification of course attendance by i-SKY. 
 2  Written verification of observation by a teacher trainer or experienced KY teacher (acceptable to i-SKY).
 3  Written verification of observation by a teacher trainer or experienced KY teacher (acceptable to i-SKY).
 4  Completed K1 exam paper marked and signed by i-SKY.
 5  Two completed course curricula agreed and signed off by i-SKY.
 6  Personal statement supported by Student Diary entries
 7  Written verification of observation by a teacher trainer or experienced KY teacher (acceptable to i-SKY).
 8  Written evaluation of the course and confirmation of submission of a confidential evaluation for each of your Teacher Trainers.
 9  Personal statement detailing the date, location and experience of a designated day of meditaion practice.
10 Signed and dated copies of a Code of Ethics and i-SKY Certification Requirements.
11 Submission of all coursework requested to a satisfactory standard and written verification of complete submission by i-SKY.
12 Personal statement supported by Student Diary entries and written verification of teaching observation by a teacher trainer or experienced KY teacher (acceptable to i-SKY).
13 Personal statement supported by Student Diary entries.
14 Personal statement supported by Student Diary entries.
15 Personal statement summarising the journey documented by the diary and written verification of observation by a currently licensed KRI teacher trainer (or experienced KY teacher acceptable to i-SKY) of a Student Diary with daily entries maintained for at least three months.
16 Personal statement countersigned by the student's current teacher/s (acceptable to i-SKY).

i-SKY Coursework (example submission meeting the requirements of 11 above) specific coursework required may vary from course to course and person to person




The Course Journal/Diary will contain details of your studies & personal yoga experience during the course & will include: * Record of your self directed reading. * Record of Kundalini Yoga classes & workshops. * Critique of classes attended & taught. * Commentary on kriyas & meditations practised. * 40 Day Meditation. * 40 Day Yogic Food Journey. * Difficulties encountered & benefits realised. * Significant life or lifestyle changes.




KRI Exam




Life experience and reasons for doing this course




Course Manual and recommended Reading List 




The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali




An appreciation of the Chakra System




What is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher/Student?




Lead an Aquarian sadhana competently




Demonstrate a simple kriya of no more than 11 minutes duration to be taught anywhere, anytime without aids.




Demonstrate basic asana




Analyse and comment on the effect and purpose of each part of a modern Kundalini Yoga kriya.




Teach a 1 hour class to the required standard




Prepare a 10 session course program.                                                                       




Prepare a weekend Yoga Retreat program.




"Aspiring Aquarian Teachers need to question Piscean sources and explore Aquarian solutions," Discuss.


"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." Galileo 

 “The most important surrender is the surrender of your character, your way of being, so that it may change. 

If you do not surrender your very own nature, never will this nature change.” The Mother - Mirra Alfassa.


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