Skills offered in this i-SKY directory should be holistic and relate to the transformative energy known as “kundalini” but we do not review unverified entries - other than to remove those which are deemed inaccurate, offensive or inappropriate - upon request. Unverified listings are offered as a free service and anyone may create a basic profile and offer skills which s/he may or may not be able to substantiate. i-SKY Verified profiles are reviewed by ourselves and establish that the individual has trained with or is known by i-SKY and is currently working, or has recently worked with us. At a minimum, a Teacher/Trainer/Therapist who is i-SKY verified will be in a process of Professional/SpiritualGuidance/supervision with ourselves. i-SKY is only able to verify Qualifications and Attainments achieved through ourselves. A Verified entry for an individual who has not trained with us will mean that that individual is currently in a process of Professional/SpiritualGuidance/supervision with i-SKY and has also submitted evidence of all qualifications claimed. In all cases you should ensure for yourself that the individual you contact is certified as competent in the service they are offering, insured to practice it and is a current member of an appropriate professional association.

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