What Now?

"What now?" is a question we all ask ourselves sooner or later, whether because we have achieved our set goal or because our recent dreams lie scattered around our feet.

At such times we will find we appreciate the support and guidance of those who have survived similar situations; in the tried and tested paths leading beyond the maze of confusion; or in the mirror of a "spiritual teacher" reflecting our situation as it is - rather than as we, or those with less insight, might see it to be.

This website is a collection of "self-help" information and opportunity. 

We strive to share that which is simple to learn, easy to do, and proven in practice.

Our intention is to inform, encourage and support you in BEing the best you can be.


Being the best we can be

Being the best we can be requires us to respond in a responsible manner and have as harmless an attitude as we are able.  We are not always able to prevent what occurs but we can learn to be gracious even when upset.  We may be paying old debts or we maybe mirroring back towards ourselves how we have behaved towards others in our past.  It is not always about what we ‘do’ but more how we choose to 'be' within the happening of the time.

We reap what we sow and the harvest is presented to us from life circumstances.  During these times of profound collective challenges and transitions we can still learn to be harmless and helpful.  Trusting in the Greater Good, we can accept who we are now and what we are becoming, rather than trying vainly to do what we have always done - because we see ourselves as we used to be. The learning is to let go and adapt to who we are now and to what is now possible.  

We live in an age of information but the quantity considerably outweighs the quality. Feedback and pointers on our journey are valuable only if those giving them are trusted and have proven reliable in action.  They will have walked the walk, not just talked about it. They will not try to change others but accept them for who and what they are now.

This recognition is mirrored back and new associations form, as old ones dissolve, to create the new way of being. Beyond competition, and where communication is compatible and harmonious, a shared skill bank establishes itself, for these compatible people have no desperation or a need to prove anything - they just are - they can just BE.

If we can’t get others to do as we would wish them to do, we do it ourselves or we let go and wait, as patiently as we are able, to see what occurs...  


Where does Yoga fit in?

 i-SKY earned a reputation since 1996 as a yoga school - primarily as a School of modern Kundalini Yoga. We have always promoted a broad definition of yoga as the means to achieve awareness or self realisation.  A conscious yoga practice begins and ends with the question, "Who am I?" We view all genuine holistic or religious practice as paths of yoga in that broad sense and believe that one path can be as good as any other - although some may be more suited to one than another. We do not think of Kundalini as a path of yoga but rather as the energy of transformation which is common to every path, or as the point of awareness in which all paths meet. The contemporary variations of yogic paths from Ashtanga to Zen are too numerous to define but may broadly be defined as arising from nine:

Bhakti the yoga of devotion
Hatha the yoga of the body
Jnana the yoga of wisdom
Karma the yoga of service
Kundalini the yoga of latent spiritual awareness
Mantra the yoga of sound
Raja the yoga of the mind
Tantra the yoga of polarity
Yantra the yoga of vision


What is Knowga®?

Everything is, was and will be – the ever changing is in our awareness of that reality.
Kundalini is the energy of awareness
Knowga is a Gathering in awareness - of which a kundalini yoga class is one example.
Knowga resonates in the “space between”; it is in the innate awareness and alignment of body, emotion, mind and spirit; “Right Action : Right Reaction”


Whoever I am:

Life is for living
Yoga is to journey from a finite to an infinite awareness.
Kundalini describes the energy of awakening, of consciousness - the means of personal transformation.
Knowga® is a Gathering in awareness.


Our Creed:

I would not interfere with any creed of yours,
nor want to appear that I have all the cures.
There is so much to know.
So many things are true,
the way my feet must go may not be best for you.
And so I give this spark of what is light to me,
to guide you through the dark,
but not to tell you what to see.


The lines above embody the i-SKY philosophy but they do not belong to us; they are universal; we share them because we would encourage all to follow them. The words are usually "attributed" to Anon. Please do advise us if you are aware of their publication prior to 1985 by Judy Fraser in "Self Awareness - A Short Guide" or if you have any other insight into their origin.


Thank you too, for sharing your time with us today.


What Now? ...