Richard Garside


Designer of this web site.

Region: Yorkshire

Role: Other

i-SKY verify that this Teacher/Therapist/Trainer is known to us and is currently working, or has recently worked with us. A Teacher/Trainer/Therapist who is i-SKY verified will, at a minimum, be in a process of Professional/SpiritualGuidance/supervision with ourselves. i-SKY are only able to verify Qualifications and Attainments achieved through ourselves.

In all cases you should ensure that the individual you contact is certified as competent in the service they are offering, insured to practice it and is a current member of an appropriate professional association.

Qualifications and Attainments

  • BTEC Art & Design – (100+ hours Non i-SKY qualification)
    Obtained Wednesday 1 January 2014, Renewed Monday 24 February 2014


  • Tower Blocks Game

    This is a Tetris like game in 3D.