Hormone Yoga Teacher Training for Women has been created and is taught by Barbara Maziarska

The course is registered with YogaAllianceProfessionals.org and certified by i-SKY.net


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15-20 August 2023,  residential training open for all interested Women- 27 hours of Hormone Yoga Practice, including: introduction to Hormone Yoga; teaching the main breath techniques,   practice of asana, and meditation for hormone & emotional balance.  

16-17 September 2023 – 12 hours – only for Yoga Teacher’s, as continuation after the retreat

14-15 October 2023 – 12 hours - only for Yoga Teacher’s, as continuation after the retreat


The course covers the study and practice of hormone yoga for Women.


Practical part: 5 days of hormonal yoga practice and work with emotions. The aim is to get emotional & hormone balance. Open to all interested Women.

For yoga instructors

Residential workshop 15-20 August 2023 Hormones and Emotions – to get to know and practice Hormone Yoga for 5 days in a role.

Home practice with 5 recorded classes – after the retreat in August.

 + 2 weekends in the Studio for the theory and preparation for conducting hormonal yoga classes /individual consultations.


The aim of the Hormone Yoga teacher's Training is to prepare Yoga Instructors to teach Hormone Yoga for Women. During Hormone yoga classes and individual consultations. 


Topics for the weekends:

- basics of western and yogic anatomy in terms of the endocrine and nervous systems, and chakras and energy flows.

-menstrual cycle, lunar cycle and woman's emotions.

- learning and practicing hormonal yoga - fertility, menopause, well-being, thyroid and pancreas, the influence of stress on a woman's hormonal balance,

- Yoga Nidra – for balancing the hormones.


Course schedule:

1 part - practical experience - open to all interested women.

15-20 August 2023 (Wednesday-Sunday) – residential workshop called Hormone & Emotions – introduction to Hormone Yoga teacher’s Training for Women.


2nd part - for Yoga Teachers only - meetings at Studio JogaMed, Warsaw


16-17 September 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) 10.00-17.30 with a 1.5-hour meal break

14-15 October 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) 10.00-17.30 with a 1.5-hour meal break



Hormonal Yoga for Women- is a natural therapy that uses yoga, meditation, breathing, concentration and relaxation, thanks to which you can resume the production of female hormones. Hormonal Yoga is recommended for all women aged 35+, when estrogen production is naturally lowered.

The decreased level of hormones affects emotional stability, susceptibility to depression, insomnia, decreased libido, migraines, difficulties in concentrating and remembering, vaginal dryness, disorders of the menstrual cycle and dry skin.

Who is this practice especially for?

• women in the climacteric and menopausal period

• women receiving treatment for infertility

• women with hormonal disorders, e.g. disorders of the menstrual cycle, amenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, premature menopause

• women undergoing hormone replacement therapy who want to replays or support this therapy by /with hormone yoga

• wo men complaining of a decrease in libido, decreased life energy

• women with hypothyroidism

• women with hormonal acne

• women from the age of 35 to maintain the appropriate level of female hormones

• women of all ages who want to maintain youth, health and beauty

Hormonal yoga has a preventive and therapeutic effect, rejuvenates, relieves unpleasant symptoms, increases the level of female hormones, gives energy and vitality, better physical fitness, inner peace and emotional balance!

Hormone yoga exercises affect the entire body, but especially the ovaries, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. Hormone yoga helps to eliminate or reduce symptoms and ailments related to menopause.



The presented above teacher’s training consists of direct contact 27 Hours (in person retreat in nature)

Self practice of one month with 5 videos of hormone yoga classes.  One class per day (min 30 min per day – min. 20 hours of self practice

During the whole training. From 15 August 2023 till 15 October 2023

Barbara Maxiarska  will be leading the whole course at the start – 100%.


The Hormone Yoga Teacher’s Training will end with a practical exam in front of other Students plus answering a few questions.




Practice of Hormone Yoga, including: Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation for emotional balance

Approximately 60% of the total hours will be spent in the actual physical practice of Hormone Yoga for Women which includes specific pranayama, dedicated asana, yoga nidra and meditations to balance emotions. Women will learn & practice the sequence of Hormone Yoga class and variations.

Teaching Practice and Methods

Approximately 15 % of the course

As it is the teacher training is for Yoga Instructors, we will focus on the differences only, and on how to present Hormone Yoga class and adopt it to specific needs. Teaching practice of Hormone Yoga for a chosen group, e.g. fertility support, menopause or weight loss. 

What is the overall AIM of the course

The aim of the course is to prepare the Students to teach Hormone Yoga class or private session. 

The main focus of the course 

Approx. 25% of the total hours

The course has a focus in supporting Hormone and Emotional Balance of a Women. Including Western & Eastern Anatomy of a Women, exercise for the pelvic floor muscles. Menstrual & Lunar Cycles of a Women. Working with emotions using pranayama & meditation. 

What will the graduate be able to do at end of course?)


At the end of the course, the participants (Women) is familiar with the sequences of Hormone Yoga For Women and they tested how it works for them during the time of the training. They will be able to teach a Hormone Yoga class. 

How will the course be assessed

The course is assessed continuously using self-feedback and trainer feedback. Students will be constantly mentored throughout the course and given advice. Students who do not meet the course requirements will be given the opportunity to improve any areas of weakness and be encouraged to pass at a later date. 



SYT contact hours

Non SYT contact hours

Non-Contact Hours

Total Hours

Module 1: 

  • •  Hormone Yoga for Women – Teaching the principles and practice in person and continue at home  
  • •    How to structure & modify a class, Hormone Yoga Sequence, how does it work, the energy flow during the practice-  practicing teaching, adjustments    





Module 2: 

  • •  Endocrine and reproductive system of a Women, the Anatomy & physiology, Western Anatomy and Eastern Anatomy of Nervous & Endocrine System– including the basic of chakra system, main nadis,  and energy flow. Hormonal changes through life span and during menstrual cycle, pelvic floor musles.  





Module 3:

  • •  Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Relaxation – important tools to relax and reduce stress. 

(stress a main cause for hormonal imbalance  principles and practice. 





Module 4:

  • •  Hormone Yoga for special needs; fertility, menopause, menstruation issues, week pelvic floor muscles – how Hormone Yoga can support. 
  • •  Practice and Adjustments 





Module 5:

  • •  Business - setting up as a Hormone Yoga Class/private sessions 






Syllabus  Download


Earlybird price 4100PLN before 5 May 2023 (includes the workshop and stay at Wytwórnia Ciszy and 2 weekends at the Studio) - valid when paying a non-refundable deposit of PLN 800 by May 5, 2023 at the latest, after this date the price increases to PLN 4,400.


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