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K2 aims to heighten the awareness and deepen the experience - primarily of yoga instructors/teachers but, as each module is complete within itself, modules may be attended in isolation, as 6 day advanced yoga/meditation/developmental retreats, by anyone with suitable experience. A student may do any number of modules, at any time and in any order. 

K2 includes all five of the KRI Level 2 Yoga Practitioner modules which, when added to K1 or another KRI Level 1, may be certified as a 500 hour yoga course to the Yoga Alliance (USA) standard.

The i-SKY K2 Training team generally comprises at least two of: Guru Dharam Singh and/or Darryl O'Keeffe and/or Siri Sat Kaur and/or BenJahmin. 

We currently offer K2 modules in the U.K., Sweden and Denmark. Upcoming K2 modules

Please click below for details of specific KRI modules upcoming. 

Conscious Communication
We are our words; we uplift (or not) through the frequency of our communication. The power of the word is a direct path to mastery.                  

Lifecycles and Lifestyles
When we can follow the flow of life we are renewed with each breath as we reveal the mystery and find mastery through all the cycles of life.                                              

Authentic Relationships
Love is not what you think love is. To be authentic as individuals, and to experience love fully, we embrace our identity and refine our projection.               

Mind and Meditation
Conquer the mind and you learn to conquer the world. Acquiring the means to be still, intuitive, meditative and creative allows us to explore the structure of the mind and learn how to apply it constructively.                                          

Vitality and Stress
Change is a stress requiring our capacity to respond and adapt. Vitality is the capacity of our nervous and glandular system to adapt. Calibre is the consequence which will inspire others through life’s challenges.



Ideally applicants will hold a KRI Instructor Certificate in Kundalini Yoga (KRI Level 1). Experienced Kundalini Yoga students or yoga teachers of other disciplines may apply and will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

Only KRI Level 1 Instructors (200+hrs) may be certified as KRI Level 2 Practitioners (500+hrs). Students holding another Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification may complete K2 with us and apply direct to the Yoga Alliance for their 500 hour certification.


This course is transformative in its nature and participants should be grounded in a recognisable perception of reality. We reserve the right to defer further instruction at any time, and indefinitely, in the interests of your own well-being.

 To become a KRI certified level 2 Practitioner you must complete 300 hours of advanced training, which includes 240 hours of classroom instruction in the five level 2 modules and 60 hours of additional requirements to be completed outside of classroom time and which will include take home "open book" exams.

 K2 is certificated by KRI as the “Practitioner” Level 2 of The Aquarian Teacher Course prescribed by Yogi Bhajan.

This 300 hour Level 2 advanced course may be added to the basic 200 hour Level 1 course to meet the criteria for registration with the Yoga Alliance as a 500 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).



Due to Covid-19 restrictions, parts or entire courses may need to be held online. We aim to approximate a reduction in cost of 15% for an online course. The published price of the course will remain the same but there will be an "online rebate" applied as a refund at the end of the course (applied at the time of course completion and certification).

Cost per module; Residential; Inclusive of course manual, all food and accommodation

£595 (pre-paid 1 month before)
Full Price £695

Retaking module £450

Covid-19 restrictions mean that all our courses may currently begin, continue or finish online with little notice; in which case a rebate of £15 for every “in person” day lost will be paid upon completion of the module (i.e. a £90 cost reduction for a fully online module).

All fees paid are non-refundable.