Specialist Training

Each spiritual path is unique and each will find that s/he becomes something of a specialist in an area of life experience. Sometimes this experience can be usefully crystalised as a short training program which may be shared for the benefit of others.

i-SKY support the development of such Specialist Training programs and offer some as Accredited courses. If you would like to discuss the development of your own specialism for the benefit of others please contact us.


Past programs have included:

Anatomy & Physiology (set in the context of Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training)

Awakening to Light maintaining and improving vision (eye-sight & in-sight)

Business Yoga

Posture Perfect a practical approach to yogic asana and divine alignment of the physical body.

SoulNest a conscious preparation for conception, pregnancy and birth.

Starchild yoga for children

StaySharp gentle seated yoga for the elderly and clients with dementia

Yoga for those with physical disabilities.

Yoga in Education