Business Yoga

Business Yoga is a unique combination of health, awareness and relaxation at work. 

Business Yoga goes beyond just teaching yoga in a company: it is about developing your own ‘business skills’, how to work as a professional yoga teacher in a business environment and integrate the yoga lifestyle in today's society.

The training is theoretical, practical and experiential. You work independently, and together as a group. You are open to a continuous process of change and growth.

Besides learning about the theory and practicing with tools en techniques, you will participate in various tasks and projects. You learn by doing: you will study and research important topics, you give presentations and create your own BY experience.


Guest Teachers

To gain deep knowledge and develop certain BusY skills it is important that you receive support from experts in the field. During the training, several guest teachers and lecturers will train, coach, teach and support you.

Guest teachers are carefully selected based on their expertise background and specialization. Each trainer will invite you to actively participate and co-create.


The training takes partly place in a business environment, at a workplace, within society. This way you are able to emerge yourself fully into the business setting and atmosphere. You will teach, give feedback and receive intensive support.


Lead Trainer: Joost van Dijk / Siridharma Singh

Joost started his career in the Netherlands as director of the 3HO International Kundalini Yoga Center Amsterdam and as sales manager at Yogi Tea International. Joost is founder of Business Yoga Netherlands and has more than 11 years of experience teaching Business Yoga.

He leads many innovative projects and develops specialized training programs on behalf of companies, institutions and sports teams. People who follow his training, develop their personal assets and will function better at work and in their private lives.

In addition Joost is responsible for educating and training many professionals, managers, coaches and leaders. In the future, Joost continue to innovate with new projects to meet the expectations, objectives and needs of the 21st century

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