THIRD AID is an i-SKY outreach program to support those with good intent who have endeavours which have been physically anchored though acquisition of appropriate skills and have had adequate proven experience in their chosen service area. We all need support and we have a skill or a resource to offer. It may be we can offer a safe space in the etheric where all can rest, re-group and recover, or we may be able to support and replenish the physical stocks that get used in service to others and too often become a hidden expense born by the people who should be being sponsored but are not. There are many unsung heroes working quietly who have proved their worth, they may have suffered personally but out of that experience a modified service has been birthed to make life better and easier for others following in their wake. The union of the spiritual intention as it meets the practical earth need (true yoga). These people do not need teaching the rules of engagement they are already operational! Let's pay attention to world need and do what we are each able to do.  We may support through funding them if we are unable to be present ourselves.

Anyone who wishes to be featured will be in proven service that goes beyond dogma or prejudice of race or creed.  People who sponsor them in anyway will not necessarily have direct contact. The people chosen to be featured will be way too busy in service to others.  Any time they do get is devoted to friends and families. Speaking as a family member and a friend of all the people featured so far I can vouch for this personally.

For those who think they might like to be a part of the Third Aid outreach there are certain constraints. They must have gone through whatever personal crisis they went through and decided to give unselfish service to others. They will be fully qualified and experienced within their chosen discipline and be working with others with the same intention and a comparable skill which work in complement with their colleagues. They are flexible and able to work outside of limitation as well as within collective restraints.

  • Making a new sound by Cumie Dunio Amengual

    What a gift to be able to look back upon a past experience from a new height of understanding and love.  This usually also means that any future reminders or similar challenges can be met with a much more fluid grace and ease - and perhaps even a smile, from knowing that you can handle it or knowing that it won't even be an issue.  My "knowing" is part due to the help from Judy Fraser and her Second Aid.  Now I can help inspire others in a tough spot by sharing my story.

    10 years can include many things...  In my case, they included divorce, a rapid move to a new continent, later marrying … more

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  • Fear Courage Fulfilment Service

    Fear then Courage

    and now

    Fulfilment and Service

    Within life we have many defining lines that indicate the end of one chapter in our book of life and the beginning of the next one.  It is not a rare event and we get better at managing endings and beginnings as we go along.  Rarely are lines as clearly defined as that experienced by Liam and Marie (pictured above).  The line was drawn when Marie was involved in a head on collision.  This indelible marker was to redefine their lives.

    On the 30th June 1998, at the midpoint of the year, Marie was driving in forestry commission land.  As she … more

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  • The Intrepid Medics and Abesu

    First to be featured THE INTREPID MEDICS AND ABESU

    Two medics usually working for the London Ambulance Service decided they wanted to input into the health and well being of an under equipped health care service in Zambia.  The health clinic is staffed by one nurse who provides services to 2,500 local households. This initiative was sanctioned by the government and the administrators of ABESU.   The two intrepid medics visited to learn what specialities were needed,  and to augment and set up systems to support health education, emergency care requirements and implement routine vaccination … more

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