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What a gift to be able to look back upon a past experience from a new height of understanding and love.  This usually also means that any future reminders or similar challenges can be met with a much more fluid grace and ease - and perhaps even a smile, from knowing that you can handle it or knowing that it won't even be an issue.  My "knowing" is part due to the help from Judy Fraser and her Second Aid.  Now I can help inspire others in a tough spot by sharing my story.

10 years can include many things...  In my case, they included divorce, a rapid move to a new continent, later marrying the love of my life (married by Judy!), dealing with the Spanish government's smothering expenses & seemingly endless red tape upon my current husband's company, the painful closure of that company, loosing our Palma property to the bank -- and yet now living & working across 4 properties in both Spain & England.

I also lived the loss of a close family member who was in her 50's.

More experiences include having met music icons (& in most cases having gotten to sing with them!), such as Bobby McFerrin, Garry Christian, Donovan, Dave Stringer... licensing my music for Armani videos with tennis pro Rafael Nadal and actress Megan Fox, releasing my first formal album, being contracted for my dream singing role with a full orchestra and four backing choirs, and growing my once shy & slightly awkward singing workshops into a fully-fledged experience of love-in-action through breath, voice and movement.

All this and much more by 36 years of age.

And one of the most important and private issues of all... the surrendering of my perhaps oldest & deepest pattern (both it's positive & negative aspects) to LOVE... which means patience... more patience... and trusting in the process.  This private challenge is something you would not guess by looking in from the outside, and it's still a work in process.  Should I be blessed enough to reach old age, perhaps I'll write about this particular challenge in my memoirs.  Most people would be surprised.  The story of an unusual challenge that is met with love across many years... that would surely inspire others, so I'll quite likely be able to share it some day.

So HOW did my husband and I overcome such immense challenges?  Meditation, compassion, willingness to talk in depth about difficulties, and trusting that if we continually gave our energy to right-action, the Universe would continue to show signs of supporting our efforts.  Plus, giving ourselves some moments to rest (though not always possible), with an occasional dose of fun or pampering, helped too!  No doubt the strain we were under made us at times appear rather odd to some people - remembering this gives me added compassion when people do annoying or seemingly nonsensical things.

Judy's group meditation sessions helped us in that they connected us to Source, allowed us to safely discharge some mental-emotional static, and let us *accept* each stage along the path - as well as feel the oncoming connection to a healthier state of being.

I also enjoyed many sessions of active meditation through singing.  The voice is a special tool in that it serves as a bridge between the invisible and the manifest worlds.  Slow singing is one of the fastest and least invasive ways to harmonize the breath, heartbeat and nervous system.  Singing/toning creates an internal massage - where we can literally "hold ourselves" in our own vibration, moving stuck energies in both our physical and subtle energy bodies.  The voice can serve as a powerful amplifier for our healing.

I've always enjoyed singing, and I've been particularly lucky to have met and joined a group of kindred spirits who enjoy slow singing as much as I do.  "MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir", is a group of 7 singers from different countries and walks of life.  MuOM has been together for years.  My years with them have been greatly enriched, by the work & art that transpires both within and outward from this group. 

I've also seen the lives of quite a few of MuOM's concert-goers & workshop participants change for the better.  Slow singing & overtone singing (aka harmonic chant) have many positive affects on our psyche/emotions/physical state.  The overtone scale is also known as "Nature's scale".  Just listening to overtones can trigger emotional releases and alter a person's state of consciousness.  Even if you've never heard overtone singing before - when you eventually do, it seems so familiar.  The sacred geometry of these musical-mathematical relationships is actually built-in to our DNA.  Much of today's music is built upon altered, man-made tuning - so when we sing/hear/resonate with Nature's tuning, we feel relieved and supported.  It's like sonic nutrition.

It is deeply inspiring to witness how MuOM's work is touching & changing people's lives for the better.  MuOM has toured much of Spain, and in late July this year, we travel to Manchester, Liverpool & Northern Wales.  We are now gathering contacts & resources for MuOM's first visit to the UK - and to be able to travel further with this project.  We are also interested in building a dome in Catalunya, where we can hold intensive workshops - so that each participant can experience their own vibration and the group vibration, in a space with good acoustics and supportive energy.  We welcome your input and participation. 

In closing, Judy Fraser & Second Aid helped mine, and also my husband's, healing processes after some beyond-stressful events.  And much of my continued renewal is happening through the sonic-energy work of MuOM... perhaps yours can too.  Please get in touch. In addition The multiple facets of yoga practice have also helped guide me on the path of life.  After having been briefly introduced to Kundalini Yoga in Manhattan in 2003, I later was given the serendipitous opportunity to go to K.Y. classes in Mallorca, on a trade basis.  In 2012-13, I earned my Level I teacher certificate via trainings with Sat Guru Kaur Khalsa in Barcelona & Karta Singh at Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS) in France.



MuOM short video - http://youtu.be/Avykxc9n1WY







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