Trainers in Training

Some of the programs offered by i-SKY are certified by KRI and the Trainers delivering those programs are required to be members of the Aquarian Trainer Academy created by KRI.

The Aquarian Trainer Academy is dedicated to the realization of the fullest potential and contribution of each Trainer, it comprises an orderly, yet flexible system of classification and developmental process; each step in this process carries a specific set of qualifications, teaching roles, program roles, skills, attributes and annual licensing appropriate to that level. Before joining ATA an interested applicant needs to find a Mentoring Lead Trainer who will act as their mentor. The Mentoring Lead is the teacher trainer who will develop trainers-in-training (TNTs) from Intern through Associate to Professional level.

Darryl & Guru Dharam are both ATA Mentoring Lead Trainers and can support the ATA applicants progression through a local i-SKY program. Our ATA Interns are usually former students of ours but we also consider applications from motivated people who have trained elsewhere but now wish to develop further with us and to work in the way we work. If you wish to embark on this process with us please apply directly to i-SKY before beginning the KRI ATA application.

i-SKY use a similar structure of Internship to train trainers for our other program's such as the Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training faculty.

i-SKY does not currently make any charge for Internship but does require all i-SKYteam members to participate in Spiritual Guidance.