The i-SKY Team

Our ever expanding team covers many skill areas and individuals may appear in more than one; clicking the links below will display information about all the team members currently in that category.

Aides:      Volunteers who assist us in every imaginable special way

Interns:      Assist on our training programs

Owners:      Host and co-own one or more programs with i-SKY Training Ltd 

Affiliate Owners:      Own one or more programs accredited through i-SKY Training Ltd.

Administrators:      Organise one or more programs with i-SKY Training Ltd.

Trainers:      Deliver the i-SKY programs.
      There are three categories of Trainer:

  1. Associate Trainers:      Can deliver specific parts of a program
  2. Professional Trainers:      Can deliver any part of a program
  3. Lead Trainers:      Can supervise a team to deliver a program. 

Mentoring Lead Trainers:      Oversee the progression of Trainers

Guides:      Support the process of spiritual guidance

Staff:      Employed workers