Second Aid

In the mid-Eighties, Judy Fraser felt strongly that raising a spiritual standard was just half of the deal, this standard must be brought to earth and given ‘legs’ in service to all. Firstly she tried to get varying spiritual organisations to cooperate, to demonstrate broader teachings and provide a united front.... not succeeding she struck out on her own. She formed Second Aid, an organisation dedicated to providing support to people in times of emotional crisis through the media of meditation, prayer, discussion, counselling, and increased self-awareness. People suffering from a whole host of problems like bereavement, grief, stress, abuse and relationship failures were given help and guidance to deal with their difficulties, resolve them and find inner peace. It’s a service for which many thousands of people remain grateful for her intuition and wisdom.


This wealth of experience remains available in the form of a self-help manual called Second Aid which provides help and advice for people who still need the benefit of her wisdom but cannot seek it personally.


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