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  • Experiential Training in KNOWGA Yoga facilitation.

    i-SKY certified - accredited as a Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 hour Foundation Course.

    KNOWGA: Everything is, was and will be – the ever changing is our awareness of that reality.Kundalini is the energy of awarenessKnowga is a Gathering in awareness.Knowga resonates in the “space between”; it is in the innate awareness and alignment of body, emotion, mind and spirit; “Right Action : Right Reaction”

    This 200+ hour KNOWGA Yoga Facilitation course comprises online/in person instruction, lecture, practice and tutorial and additional home … more


  • Livtar Llyn is a yoga teacher and trainer for both adults and children alike.Originally trained as a school teacher, she worked in education for her whole career as teacher, headteacher, adviser and CEO; working in challenging schools in deprived areas; working to turn around schools to ensure that the children were receiving the best and most creative education possible - this included ensuring that all children were taught yoga as part of the curriculum, in order to support their lives. As children’s yoga teacher herself, she trained staff in simple yoga techniques to support their children … more