the KA course 
Experiential Training in Knowga Yoga facilitation.
i-SKY certified - accredited as a Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 hour Foundation Course.

Begins with an online introduction facilitated by Guru Dharam with Darryl & Livtar Llyn 24-26 January 2025

Everything is, was and will be – the ever changing is our awareness of that reality. 
Kundalini is the energy of awareness. 
Knowga is a Gathering in awareness. 

Knowga resonates in the “space between”; it is in the innate awareness and alignment of body, emotion, mind and spirit; “Right Action : Right Reaction”

This 200+ hour KNOWGA Yoga Facilitation course comprises online/in person instruction, lecture, practice and tutorial and additional home study assignments, practice, research and study. Students are registered with YogaAllianceProfessionals.org and successful course completion merits membership of Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) - "raising standards of yoga teaching worldwide".

“Today's Gatherers, teachers and leaders should validate their sources and understanding through personal experience - and then seek to share such for the benefit of all.” 


i-SKY now offer various courses as in-person, online and hybrid (mixing online with in-person attendance). Our intention for KA (KnowgA) is for it to become an entirely flexible modular course allowing 100% in-person or online participation (or any hybrid mix of the two). The nature of a KA (KnowgA) course is both to share a common foundation and to afford each individual the opportunity to select personal content. Our 2025 program will begin as an online modular course with the proviso that any modules may also be offered in-person locally (anywhere in the world) where it is requested and it is financially viable to do so. Please note that only LIVE online course hours are counted toward the required course contact hours.

The KA (Knowga) course
The KA course is firstly a journey of personal development in Self Awareness; secondly, the course prepares one to facilitate a personal and group exploration of heightened awareness and transformative experience within a defined structure (Knowga). The object of the KA course is for the participant to identify and establish their own personal Knowga space (through meditation/contemplation etc) and then to extend and hold that awareness as a safe transformative space for others (the Knowga Gathering).

The Gathering: safely sharing a space for inner journeying. A transformational process begins safely within a sound structure, held by a Gatherer who has travelled that way before and who works to ensure s/he remains a competent and neutral facilitator.
The Gatherer does not make transformation happen, s/he holds a space where it can be experienced and within which a personal path toward self awareness may be discerned.
There is no one “right” structure but there are some that are less appropriate for the time, place or circumstance

KA is an experiential journey of personal awareness - tailored to and by each individual participant. Each participant will be encouraged and assessed around the work s/he creates rather than upon the recollection of set texts - there is no one Knowga text book. There is a twin core of reading and research recommendations but additional reading and research will also be self-directed. A variety of shared experience will be shared, facilitated and encouraged. Participants are encouraged to record, share and evaluate their experience, individually and collectively. The culmination of a successful coursework journey will be the facilitation of a Knowga Gathering.

The Core KA Content. The modelled content of the first KA courses is Modern Kundalini Yoga (as taught worldwide by i-SKY since 1995) i.e. participants will be trained and certified as yoga teachers. i-SKY has always espoused a broad and inclusive definition of yoga and KA is an opportunity for us to extrapolate additional complementary threads - Healing and Shamanic Practice will be introduced as examples of alternative Knowgic Gatherings. Course participants are encouraged to develop their own Knowgic specialism as part of the course follow up.


The KA course includes:

• Use of breath, posture, sound, and meditation to awaken & train the mind & body.

• Kundalini and Yogic philosophy.

• Yogic and Western Anatomy;

• Developing a clear calm meditative mind

• Utilising mantra and sacred sound from various traditions

• The way of the Yogini;

• Developing a daily Knowga Yoga practice;

• Developing a personal yogic/knowgic lifestyle;

• Teaching modern Kundalini Yoga classes.

• The ethics, role and conduct of a teacher.

• Truth, transformation and the guru complex.

• Examining a variety of sources to determine a personal position


During this course you will:

Challenge yourself.

Confront self-imposed limits.

Experience heightened awareness.

Work creatively with a group of like-minded people

Gain the knowledge & confidence to build a more peaceful and creative life.

Learn to safely and beneficially apply an ancient awareness in a contemporary yogic context.


This course is suitable for:

• Students and Practitioners of any of the many paths of yoga but particularly modern Kundalinin Yoga

• Teachers and Practitioners from other spiritual perspectives

• All seeking to deepen a yogic experience (including those who don't intend to teach yoga)

• All seeking to develop an enhanced spiritual awareness


Certification Requirements:

• Attendance and participation in all sessions

• Satisfactory practical assessment

• Passing grade on any required examinations (practical/written/verbal/etc.)

• Attendance of 20 approved yoga classes outside the course

• Participation in a minimum of 5 designated early morning group practice

• Completion of at least two assigned 40-day yoga kriya (set and/or meditation)

• Creation of 2 sample Knowga Yoga class curricula

• Satisfactory completion of all required coursework

• Timely payment of all course fees

• Upholding a designated Professional Code of Excellence


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