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  • The union of the invisible forces to the known

    Thank you for supporting me and my work throughout the last year.  May I take this opportunity of wishing you all ever increasing capacity to love and bring Light into your own life and the lives of those who surround you.

    The digestion of life to date enabling us to extract the essence of our learning and to release effluent has caused many stomach aches and pains in the past few weeks.  We reluctantly are dragged back into historical issues to allow us to decide what to keep and what to ditch.  That’s required us to make decisions which some of us are reluctant to do. & … more

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    We have been examining opposites which can lead us to improve our life definition through the dissolution of aspects that are redundant to us now. The opposites can work together and it makes for some interesting times, as we discover the common-ground between the extremes of form and formlessness. We go to each of our polarities to look at how each polarity has  affected us then we attempt to re-centre to enable us to  transcend old patterns and establish new parameters for ourselves.    We may appreciate certainty and form, routine, responsibility and identity.  If … more

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  • Get with the new program!

    The last couple of weeks have been an invitation to integrate feminine-masculine energies within ourselves as individuals and within our relationships with the subtle and the earth.  All duplicity can unite if we are able to affect the sacred marriage between us as a spirit and soul, and our past can be wiped clean.  It has made us who we are today and it will be our guide in coming times.  We can choose how to make this so.

    There has been a lot of old negatives being examined to enable us to decide whether we want to go on printing the same old pictures or not.  Useful … more

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  • Growth of wisdom

     Master Peter Deunov said, ‘Place kindness as the foundation of your life, justice as its measure, wisdom as its boundary, love as its delight and truth as its light’. Kindness, justice, love, wisdom and truth – by practicing these five virtues we will develop harmoniously morally and spiritually.   And it is also necessary to know how these virtues relate to our physical body, as well as to our psychic bodies. Kindness is linked to the legs, justice to the hands, love to the mouth, wisdom to the ears and truth to the eyes. And truth belongs to the spirit, love to … more

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  • Frenetic or free?

    Frenetic energy is ungrounded, chaotic and unfocused. Frenetic energy can pull us off balance and will subsequently enable re-focus if we allow it to enter into our consciousness. Have you ever been around someone who is in a chaotic state? It is easy to feel drained afterwards when we are. Few are an example of calm in the midst of chaos. These people are able to maintain a detached and focused state in order to help those that are in a dramatic situation and unable to help themselves at that time. If they allow the frenetic energy to pull them off balance, there is no one that can help the … more

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  • What is Goodwill?

    If it is the will of the Greater, we will not, and cannot fully understand the implications all at one go.  We need to surrender all, identify with the higher worlds as best we can and dedicate ourselves to what is required as best we are able. We aspire toward fellowship and unity as effectively as we can.  The shadows of the darkness and old energy are all around us and we are watching them being fought by society in totally different ways. There is an overall feeling that Human Beings collectively desire equality, comfortable lives, fairness, good quality of living and integrity … more

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  • Wisdom and courage in the service of all

    Do we have the willingness to face the shadows that guard each gate of wisdom?  Can we be relatively calm in the face of every challenge we meet? The wise soul knows that we die many times within our lives (child to adult, adult to elder and so on)  As we do move from one stage to another we shed the ‘clothes’ that no longer fit at all levels of being, as do all others involved.  We retain what we need in order to serve and discard all else.  Unwittingly we keep within us the imprint of the last time we met an earthmoving incident.  As we meet a situation … more

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    Following on from the equinox and the eclipses many people experienced feelings of limitation.   We may have felt disempowered even depressed as a result.  Depression results from the repression of creative energy which is now seeking an outlet, so it helps us to recollect and recognise where we are now rather than where we once were.  The lower depressed states of consciousness have been easily observable both from within our own lives and through collective states that proved newsworthy.  We have no choice but to understand that we are not in control of our life at a … more

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  • Are you finding your way up the mountain?

    Finally a great deal is coming to an end this month.  And, we can sense the new but we do not understand the implications of it as yet, as it involves both individual and collective changes.  This transition often represents as a time of high tension and low vitality as we must wait in the void until the green light shows, only then can we take our official next step forward.  The traffic lights seem to have been on red then amber for a long time but now the game has changed and so has our involvment within it.  This month we may have taken a last look back prior to the … more

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    Oneness embraces all that is.  If we have been feeling isolated, rejected, abandoned and insecure then we have not let go of old experiences and old issues.  As a result we have a mis-aligned line of energy which is in need of repair or replacement prior to our ‘appliance’ or energy body being able to work effectively once more.  Old energy has us trying to  decide who we are now and as a result we often separate ourselves from others.  We get categorized and subsequently put in groups.  These groups are now being mixed up … more

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