Spiritual Guidance

Guidance does not involve telling someone how to be, rather it supports someone becoming more of who they are.

The complications within life make some belligerent, whilst others try to become invisible.  Freeing and honouring a life process whilst dealing with the demands of others, takes the skill of listening and seeing what is not being said, as well as sifting through what is said, to unearth the hidden gems already there but buried or perhaps undervalued.  The process is served by meditation practises that are practical, feedback that is encouraging and the support, guidance and experience of those who have walked the path before.

Anyone on a spiritual path needs guidance and we are all on a spiritual path; a realisation which is being increasingly acknowledged - often reluctantly. Spiritual "promotion" reflects on emotion and we have to learn to handle that step by step - often whilst under increasing pressure.

Guides, who themselves will have honed their natural and proven wisdom across a wide life experience, undertake to ensure those striving to find and follow their own path can do so and stay on track, until they arrive at a state of peace both within themselves and around others.


ProfessionalSupervision/SpiritualGuidance (PSG):

  • offers a support service to anyone endeavouring to follow any spiritual path
  • has proven invaluable to individuals and organisations seeking to address specific issues
  • is the lifeblood of i-SKY and enscouraging each of our team to maintain the highest standards in service to others

If you would like to know more about this service please contact us or  download application or complete an online application now.


"Right Action" is proposed in many forms in many traditions. "Right Reaction" is less commonly promoted.

We dont promote one "ism" over another - perhaps "Lifeism" would best describe our attitude but our approach to spiritual guidance is seven pointed.

1.  A disciplined approach to emotional discharge
2.  Taking personal responsibility for atmospheres
3.  Building a safe space within oneself and externally for others to inhabit
4.  Maintaining personal balance as we take on higher standards and work with the "Management Upstairs" - whilst recognising that we are also responsible for deeper aspects of historical ignorance in ourselves, our families, our communities etc
5.  Balancing personal and collective rights and responsibilities 
6.  Learning when to challenge and when to keep quiet and how best to go about it
7.  How to present oneself; knowing when to hold fast, when to walk away and how to limit damage and be as harmless as possible at all times


i-SKY has always been about working with people who want to work with us, in the way we work and to the standard we work to (or better). Setting or meeting a standard as a one off is easier than maintaining and raising all of ones standards over time. Keeping up oneself is easier than trusting ones peers are doing so too. Engaging in an ongoing program of spiritual guidance became a requirement for i-SKY team members to ensure we all continue to strive to be the best we can be and to support those who work with us in doing the same. It is also offered as a service to everyone endeavouring to follow any spiritual path. PSG has been established under the direction of Judy Fraser who honed the process through four decades of service.

Spiritual Guidance is offered as a support service to anyone endeavouring to follow any spiritual path.

The program is tailored to each individual, for as long as s/he chooses, and takes the form of:

1.  Written Application (or other recorded media e.g. video in special circumstances).

2.  Inititial one to one session with supervisor (in person or webcam).

3.  Subsequent review sessions with supervisor (in person or webcam or email) - ongoing.

4.  Small peer group review sessions with others in the process (in person, or webcam or email) - ongoing.

If you would like to know more about this service please contact us or complete an application


The spiritual path is an arduous, challenging and relentless road which constantly reflects back to us our own shadow, unconscious agendas and unresolved emotional issues. Our capacity to unravel this web of projection is significantly enhanced when we employ what the Japanese call a Sensai 'one who has gone before'. Judy Fraser has vast experience of working with groups and individuals assisting them to find their core identity and then to honour it. This is a highly specialized undertaking that requires a very particular skillset: one that can only be fashioned in the crucible of long life experience and the arena of rigorous therapeutic engagement. True expertise combines an aura of down to earth practicality and a timeless methodology: unvarnished, direct and effective. i-SKY are delighted to have Judy heading up our Spiritual Guidance programme. You are most welcome to participate.

Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa

Over a quarter of a century I have come to know Judy Fraser well and I know she is genuinely extra ordinary; I have never met anyone who so effectively delivers, maintains and inspires spiritual standards in everyday life as she can and does.

Darryl O'Keeffe