Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Happy New Year to you and yours.  And, thank you for your support.  If you would like to make comments then please do so.  Your opinion is welcomed especially when there are so many talking their talk rather than walking their talk!  We are aware that many of you who have studied for years are involved in some major and worthwhile activities these days so please don’t be reticent about coming forward and saying so and letting others know about them.  We are all being shifted into our new positions on the Earth and others only find you if you are available to be found!
Over the run up to Christmas and early into the New Year’s time line many have been surrendering and letting go of that which does not serve or service anymore.  Now we are planting new truth, new hope and new seeds within us.  These seeds will be nurtured, cared for and will grow as we hold our OWN line of integrity and we walk our talk.  This month we have not been so reactive but we have needed time to reflect.  We have sorted through some of the detritus within as we decide what (and who) need to stay and what needs to go.  We’ve asked ourselves what limits us and what liberates us.  That does not mean to say it does not involve hard, disciplined work.  If it is a part of our soul path our energy will be raised,  if not it will reduce our energy.  Sometimes it is self induced but sometimes it is caused by the dogma and judicial process laid on us by others.  If we have tried for years yet have been stonewalled by the justice handed out it may be the time to walk away once and for all, giving the freedom for others to come to their own conclusions as we have finally come to our own.  
It may hurt as wounds that have one band aid after another placed on them can do.  Better to take the plasters off, let the wound be exposed and healed once and for all.  Freeing ourselves frees others, and heals flagging energy more quickly.  This year we are enhancing our ability to recreate ourselves and our lives.  We are merging action and reaction and uniting all that is.  Some things are easier to let go of than other things are, but as we align ourselves with the Management Upstairs and with the Earth Mother we are shown the way.  We maybe sad not to be able to do what we once did, but as we get more used to what is available to us we may have a change of heart within and be healthier as a result.
As the Light returns so does darkness that has not been faced and cleansed with courage and integrity.  All will have observed this dogma in recent times.  Even if we are not personally involved we can support those on the front lines by working on ourselves.   And through our meditations and our prayers.
Look back and observe how much has fallen away from so many in recent years, old beliefs, outmoded ways of living, people who said one thing but did another.  Then look and appreciate those who remain.  It maybe old tried and tested friends, relations and work that has been gifted to us.  We don’t need to associate with those who only point the finger, talk idealism rather than listen to those with proven track records and a wealth of experience.  The ones who criticise but have no alternative to offer due to never having had to walk the path they are commenting on, or those who blame others rather than taking responsibility themselves.  All of the above are tactics that avoid the issues they are being asked to face.  Leave them to it, if it is still a part of our remit we will meet it again.  If not bless these people and wish them well and get off the case.  
If whatever we are up to is working, then don’t re-invent the wheel!  If it is not, then have the courage and the discrimination to change it.  This is not the year to mess about!!  Light and sunshine do not mess about they just return as the old and the redundant past falls away and the new appears.  We don’t challenge life so as to do yesterday again, we do today as best we are able.  Certainly not every day is blissful when we are thrown off balance by challenge but each day is progress and helps us to propel ourselves into revising creativity.  From that shifting flexible solid foundation we build.  
Spend some time contemplating what appears feasible, remain observant and aware and see where it leads.  On the day marked as the Light’s returning I received a phone call from a friend and associate with a track record that has excelled giving me news of changes that can be celebrated.  Then an email from another who again is a friend and associate but in a more remote way as I’ve never been able to understand the more technical aspects of what he promotes!  Life gives us the signs, no need for mutiny or old measures of conformity to divert us from good intention. 
P.S.    I apologise for not being as available as some would like.  This blog goes out to 31 countries and many would like to consult individually.  I can only undertake personal sessions through an appointment system, and not on an ad hoc  basis.  Please email for an appointment via phone, Skype or v-See, these facilities are only turned on for scheduled web conferences or personal individual consultations.  At other times they are off so that existing appointments can be honoured, emails responded to and blogs written.

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