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  • A season is part of the whole year

    A season is part of the whole year

    Keep the bigger picture in mind while taking each small step. Especially if you are feeling impatient or frustrated that what is happening is beyond our control. When we feel out of control we become self-involved maybe even greedy, forgetting we are working on behalf of the good of all.  Try to make things easier and make things more enjoyable, playful and have fun where you can.  Rather than fight reality, the more we can accept people and situations as they are, without judgment or blame, we can start to see the blessings within the apparent … more

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  • Harvest Time and the Autumn Equinox

    Harvest Time and the Autumn Equinox

    How light is your heart?  Light and good, move in one direction, the desolated in another so it is a choice whether to sink or to rise.  We’re being asking to get off the fence, make decisions and form opinions as to how to proceed with the merging of heaven and earth as we know it and choose what to create as we write our future.  Do we focus on problems that stimulate fear or do we neutralise old polarity and proceed with trust, even when we are not sure what we are doing!  Don’t feed the fear feed love instead, this … more

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  • Wake up and smell the roses!

    Wake up and smell the roses!

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson:  This is the time of a massive collective awakening.  This involves being stirred up so we search what life truly means for us.  In its wake we experience both unrest and chaos.  If we realise we have to investigate further, and deeper and this will involve change.  No more taking things for granted as some people and things will disappear from our lives and eventually be replaced by … more

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  • Do you need a Chill Pill ?

    Do You Need a Chill Pill ?


    The Four Agreements.:

    “Don't Make Assumptions.

    Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.

    Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.

    With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.”   Miguel Angel Ruiz,

    If your feelings become intense, perhaps wait until they have calmed down before having a conversation with the person who is igniting these emotions in us.  We all want to be heard, but when its activated by negativity the … more

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  • Look for the Rainbows - Happy Summer Solstice

    Look for the Rainbows - Happy Summer Solstice


    The most important thing is to find some quiet time to just stop and be with ourself. It is very difficult to get clear when there is external stuff going on and we are being bombarded by other people and their needs. We are important too, so make the time – we’re worth it.  It gives us the time to get clear on what we want to achieve and to re-establish our intention and goals.  Once we get clear on our bigger viewpoint we can work backwards to enable us to see the practical next step.  In that way we don’ … more

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  • The Wobbly Bridge from Past to Future

    The Wobbly Bridge from Past to Future


    Life has been wobbly over the past few weeks, and some people have been feeling depressed and a bit lost.  Time to find our feet once more, and re-focus our attention. We can step into our power, as the individuals we are now, as we find the forgiveness and compassion towards those that have hurt us, or caused us pain in the past. As we take personal responsibility for the choices we have made we release any negativity that no longer serves us. The new cycle has begun, and with it comes a clean slate,  We are entwined with the … more

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  • Surfing the waves of life!

    Surfing the waves of life! 

    We have no choice but to go with the flow, ride the waves and manage the ebbs and the flows, the highs and the lows, the currents and the waves.  It becomes much easier when we stop fighting with life.  Then we start to see the magic within nature, the synchronicities and how life is working with us.  Time to set our intention and go with the flow. we’ve had a time where we have had the possibility of connecting more fully to our intuition and feel connected to both the spiritual worlds and the earth and nature that surrounds us.  … more

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  • Adaptability


    Transition involves ending the old chapter graciously even if we feel there is more that could have been done, it is the time to let go.  There follows a gap when not much seems to be happening, it is important that we live simply and are practical rather than projecting our opinions onto others, who have their own agendas and who do not deserve to be loaded with that of other peoples as well.  A time when we need to be open to doing things a different way under different circumstances.  Not that we have much choice!  More pleasant for all if we don& … more

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  • Here Comes Spring


    We have been reviewing old heart ache and past cycles that have been pain related at one level or another.   There is a line in a song that says “Oh what a night”  this last time period would better be described as “Oh what a month”.  Brain scramble enables us to work out of what relevant to us now, and what has been useful but is now redundant.  When knowledge is truly integrated within us there is no need to study it further, for now at least.  When we seem to be drowning in emotions we have to ask ourselves if … more

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  • What Constitutes HELP ?


    We cannot ‘change’ a situation that is not to our liking because in truth we do not know what is required.  Nor can we ‘fix’ someone for their path is not ours.  We can’t protect those we care for, nor can we rescue them from living their path in life.  We can support and encourage but we need to be sensitive and do so without invading their space or being intrusive.   If we assume we know the current situation and try to take control we belittle, even when we do not intend to do so.  If we try … more

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