Retreats & Intensives

Please see Upcoming Events for details of all our U.K. retreats and intensives.

Please visit Kundalini Yatras for international meditative journeys with spiritual intent.


Some regular UK Retreats are:

The Kundalini Yoga Experience

As well as offering an introduction to Kundalini Yoga, the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and an "Aquarian" yogic lifestyle, this retreat marks the culmination of every i-SKY K1 Kundalini Yoga Instructors Course and is led by the graduates under the supervision of their tutors. It takes a variety of forms; in some countries it is apart of a longer retreat, in others may be an open day or even a series of events across a city.

In the U.K. you are invited to join a simple Yoga Retreat in and around an historic Tudor/Elizabethan manor house in June; joining a mixed group from complete beginners to experienced students and teachers of Kundalini Yoga together with their friends and family; getting close to nature, feeling the rhythm of the earth & enjoying the company of like-minded people. We invite you to rise at 5 and greet the day with an Aquarian Sadhana of yogic exercise, meditation and chant. You will sample a variety of yogic practices in and around an historic country house and log cabins set in 16 acres of peaceful, secluded gardens, meadowland and forest. 

The New Year Retreat

Our annual U.K. post-Christmas retreat from 30th December to 1st January  is also held at Ufton Court. It is facilitated by trainers and teachers with the twin aims of sharing fun in good company and setting an appropriate intention/vibration for the coming year.


Five recurring Intensives are:

The 6 day residential K2 modules regularly offered in the USA, UK, Sweden, Poland and Denmark and occasionally offered elsewhere.