Holidays and Tours

As well as the actual tours currently offered above we also have the "meditation templates" of past SAcred Tours available for download as "virtual tours". These were originally intended for travellers to complete an actual tour at a different time to the group and may still be used in this way but increasingly they are now being also used to deliver the energetic process within a virtual tour - without leaving home.

We have facilitated accompanied tours to a variety of special places places since 1993. We arrange several tours a year typically of about 15-20 people. The objective is to create a sense of time and space around each group, to allow the land to speak to the heart and to assist the traveller in listening. We try to book through local agents and to arrange quiet, picturesque accommodation and sensitive, knowledgeable local guides for our guests. We will visit and enjoy the expected touristic sights but our travellers are looking for the heart of the country too and appreciate avoiding the rush of the tourist trail where possible so we also arrange some special programs (holydays are the root of our holidays).  Each tour is accompanied by an experienced facilitator for the inner journey, whose respect for the Earth as a teacher and experience of the practical applications of subtle energy will help you to recreate yourself in your own way whilst enjoying your “holyday”.

Previous Feedback:

 At first I'd considered the trip to be expensive for what it offered - and had thought long and hard before deciding to go. Now back, I realise I am forever grateful to whatever guided me and decided me - because no money could equal what I have gained, left behind and brought back from that holiday. I have travelled withSAcred Tours before, to Mexico and Egypt. They ARE sacred trips - special in a way that it is very difficult to describe. Magical because the places we visited were magical, but also because for me there was a feeling of subtle connection with other dimensions throughout. There was also a deep inter-connectedness and depth in the relationships that happened whilst on these journeys, and I made friends of the kind you feel you will always know and have an understanding with that goes deeper than words or shared experience. If I’d known what this experience was about I would have put my name down at birth – perhaps I did.

D.W.   Banker

 In the event, our trip proved to be a rich and unforgettable experience, in many different ways. The group was made up of people from widely different backgrounds, interests and ages who were, without exception, delightful and stimulating travelling companions, and as we visited the temples and tombs of the successive dynasties we all became aware of the spiritual influence that still lingers in these ancient holy places, and with which, to some extent, I think all of us could identify. Not surprisingly, many members of the group looked to Judy for surcease of various problems, both physical and psychological, which had directed their footsteps towards Second Aid in the first place, and her unique skills were in almost constant demand.

J.R.      Surgeon