Harvest Time and the Autumn Equinox

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Harvest Time and the Autumn Equinox

How light is your heart?  Light and good, move in one direction, the desolated in another so it is a choice whether to sink or to rise.  We’re being asking to get off the fence, make decisions and form opinions as to how to proceed with the merging of heaven and earth as we know it and choose what to create as we write our future.  Do we focus on problems that stimulate fear or do we neutralise old polarity and proceed with trust, even when we are not sure what we are doing!  Don’t feed the fear feed love instead, this enables us to view new potential so we can be the change that we want to see. As the Autumn equinox occurs we can assess the harvest both internally and externally so endings and beginnings happen.

We are used to following the head or the heart and sometimes they seem to conflict as the rational, logical and structured paths that are familiar to us appear and yet it maybe our choice to trust the intuition and creative energy which is more unknown as yet.  We can feel demotivated, sluggish  until the head and the heart decide to move in one direction rather than seemingly quarrelling for who should dominate.  Only when we find the courage to follow our intuition do we disconnect from the past and move into the magic that is our future.

Serve the self or serve all?  We need to talk to trusted friends for all our sakes, so that we catch up with ourselves, when we do so we begin to feel better about ourselves and find inner peace as our problems find a perspective and set new intentions even if we are unsure how they may manifest as yet. Get what help you need whether that is a chat, time to meditate, a massage or whatever resonates and brings clarity.  It may appear we are diving into deep water and facing things that have been hidden in our deep unconscious, better to face the fear or potential pain as it liberates us long term.   Focus forward and get back on track it will boost our energy.  Self-doubts, mental blockages and self-imposed limitations stop us from leaving the past behind and concentrating on planting next seasons seeds.  The only way to overcome fear and anxiety is to go for it and to trust that both the Invisible Worlds and the Earth have our back.  Over the last couple of weeks, it has been becoming more apparent that in order to remain harmonious, calm and peaceful we now need to completely surrender to the ebb and flow of life! Life is forcing us to fully detach and let go and allow the river of life to sweep us along fully trusting we are safe and supported. 

This is the time to take stock of where our projects are so that you know where to focus our energy for the rest of the year. During the harvest time, we are able to see what projects are ready for the harvest, what still needs time to ripen, and which of our projects were unable to take root and grow. Despite instant communications, things are seeming to take much longer to come to fruition. Don't be frustrated if you are not where you want to be. Life has a funny way of bringing to us exactly what we need when we need it, we just need to trust that everything is happening perfectly!  Time to tune out the negative and to concentrate on that which inspires.

Harvest needs to include balancing the busy-ness with that which nurtures plus a few treats.  To do so enables us to count our blessings and be able to be a part of the good things happening around us.  It’s an invitation to life to put us in the way of more magic.  Declutter the year whether that appears in the form of people or possessions and clean the space to enable the new magic to enter in.  Yes, up until the harvest we have to be busy now it is the time to slow down to avoid burn out and to replenish that which is exhausted.  Time to take time out and to soothe fear and calm stress and to ‘see and feel’ nature in all its forms human, animal, vegetable and mineral.  Be open to beauty.


Suggested self check:

1. Are you willing to let go and get any help you may need?

2. Have you the courage to let go and allow yourself to be led?

3. Can you view this Autumn Equinox as the gap between chapters that enables new intentions to come to the fore?

4. As you begin to understand the next steps can you communicate these to others once they are clear to you?

5. Do you trust yourself to take the next step knowing that the essence of whatever is past lives in the heart anyway?  

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