Wake up and smell the roses!

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Wake up and smell the roses!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson:
This is the time of a massive collective awakening.  This involves being stirred up so we search what life truly means for us.  In its wake we experience both unrest and chaos.  If we realise we have to investigate further, and deeper and this will involve change.  No more taking things for granted as some people and things will disappear from our lives and eventually be replaced by the new.  The interim period is uncomfortable and sometimes unpleasant as the new and the old seem to war against one another.  It is easier to try to rerun the old, yet it is no longer viable.  The new is more difficult to get a hold on, yet is required. It enables us to weed and retain what is required and to have enough space to be aware of the way ahead given a little time and patience.   Change is a work in progress within individuals, countries and nations across the world as we know it.  Unrest is plain to see and feel, it seems like being on the very edge of a national disaster that is just about ready to show its face.  The only way to manage it is to go within so deeply as to be little affected by the outer confusion and so not drawn into it more than superficially.   Not easy but essential to our survival.   The service requires not getting into judgment or blame but to be dispassionate yet send Light to all.
Learning to ‘know’ ourselves as we are NOW allows us to master and understand current time, only then can we transform into who we currently are.  Information starts in the gut and may well unbalance us, we can’t ‘get’ the new balance required.  Only when we look deep into our hearts then try modified expression can we become realistic rather than idealistic about what is required next.  When we know then we are able to pass the information coherently to others who surround us.  During this process we can feel quite isolated and alone, if we stay steady sleep enough, connect to nature, eat well as we contemplate, we find our way soon enough.  Then when we rewind our balance we are able to communicate with others.  If we do it to early we experience overwhelm, too late and others loose interest.   
Things are starting to shift, and there are those who are feeling this. Celebrate the change. “Whatever it is that's going on with us, celebrate it! There's a benevolence of love in our life that will bring us good things. Cast away the fear of the future and start celebrating what's to come.  If we can find gratitude so much the better.   When we take personal responsibility for our actions, rather than allow ourselves to be triggered by the behaviour of others, we become more empowered and can make choices that serve us better.   Don't look to others to fill the hole. Serve yourself and do what is the right for you.  Remember to embrace the rebel and stand in our own power, so we can be the change.   Have the will to carry on regardless of the challenges and obstacles that we are encountering and trust our own inner strength and vision.  Try to to see the world through the eyes of a child, and see life with wonder and excitement. A child sees life as an adventure and is unafraid to take risks even when past experience has brought with it lethargy. so review beliefs and have another go!

Suggested self check:
1.    How is your inner rebel?  Are you able to speak your truth without fear?  Are you willing to shake your status quo to investigate perceived hidden agendas, deceits, old betrayal and free all from destructive behaviour, relationships, partnerships and friendships?
2.    Are you willing to break out of old ruts and take the first step?  Can you create a balance between serving the self and serving the greater community?
3.    Will you face your weaknesses head on or continue to remain passive obedient and complacent within injustice as you see it?  Can you express your real feeling or will you go beyond old comfort zones?
4.    Is your intuition in good working order as you meet sudden change that sometimes brings revolutionary consequences with them?  Will you take the risk to be a more authentic version of yourself?
5.    Do you listen to your dreams and visions?  Do you observe the synchronicities surrounding you as you try to join the dots?

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