Do you need a Chill Pill ?

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Do You Need a Chill Pill ?


The Four Agreements.:

“Don't Make Assumptions.

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.

Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.

With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.”   Miguel Angel Ruiz,

If your feelings become intense, perhaps wait until they have calmed down before having a conversation with the person who is igniting these emotions in us.  We all want to be heard, but when its activated by negativity the message can get lost.   Our senses become sharper if we relax.
Each and all are special and unique to Life? Love and life are unconditional, infinite, and eternal. If we offer harmony to chaos, chaos offers opportunity to us.   Current time calls for the empowerment to hold our boundaries of love so that our resonance stays strong, maintaining a powerful vibration that interacts with humanity—it affects the vibration of life on Earth

If we want to be heard when we speak we must learn to listen and listen well.  It’s been said we should listen three times as much as we speak.  When we have something to say it needs the purpose behind it, when it has then synchronicities occur and we connect to people who we can help and those who can help us.  When people show up and we connect we share, not for what we might get out of it but because we want to and it seems the right thing to do.  We can concern ourselves with the administration behind time rather than in front.  Be selective but open up and share vulnerabilities.  Of course you may have to cope with the come back i.e. those who start to decide on your behalf if they should speak or not; those who try to take over and treat you as if you are deranged but in amongst them the wheat is sorted from the chaff.

Intuition is not sourced from the thinking mind, so don’t distort truth by seeing reality as you might like it to be,  It is as it is so face it full on.  Be careful not to gossip or make assumptions regards the behaviour of others, stay in your integrity and don’t get caught up in other peoples battles.  If others prejudices cannot accommodate our vulnerability that is their problem, don’t make it your own.  Establish revised boundaries and ensure your own are peaceful and harmonious outcomes. 

It’s time to take the opportunity to go beyond old fears, and to redefine our boundaries and set revised goals.  Some may remain as before but maybe new ones are appropriate as well.  Recommit and hold one, tenacity will support our endeavours.  No need to act hard and tough nor soft and gentle we can pursue a middle way and create and update solutions as we get inventive.  My Canadian brother and sister paid a visit to each other this week together with partners and decided I was the only one missing so they Face-timed me so I could join in for an hour or so those are the sort of solutions that move mountains!

Suggested self check:

1. Get practical inside and out so as to get on top of administration, use it or loose it!  True for clothes, administration and kitchen cupboards.
2. Make a daily commitment to see the funny side of life, at least once a day. When we focus on something, we experience more of it.
3. Are you facing your limitations?   Look at what they are then accept them and make the best of them.  Be grateful to those who help to facilitate these changes.
4. What are the ways you find to express your truth more easily even if it means getting a bit tougher.
5. Is your inner critic overactive? Work to let  go the need to berate yourself.  Look at how far you’ve come even if you think you’ve a long way to go.

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