Look for the Rainbows - Happy Summer Solstice

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Look for the Rainbows - Happy Summer Solstice


The most important thing is to find some quiet time to just stop and be with ourself. It is very difficult to get clear when there is external stuff going on and we are being bombarded by other people and their needs. We are important too, so make the time – we’re worth it.  It gives us the time to get clear on what we want to achieve and to re-establish our intention and goals.  Once we get clear on our bigger viewpoint we can work backwards to enable us to see the practical next step.  In that way we don’t get overwhelmed as we cut the workload down into bite size pieces.  We can write down what we need to do, then prioritise them.   We can ask for help if we need it, it is important to acknowledge our vulnerability when required.

When we find ourselves faced with two directions, go with your gut feeling even when it seems irrational, trust the intuition and the gut feeling.  A teacher of mine said if in doubt go with the harder path. In June observe changes in our third eye, throat and heart energy flow. We are amplifying our Love so we can handle its higher aspect although fear and ego will cause us to resist. However impossible a situation may appear to be faith will escort us through.  Keep on keeping on!  Be true to who you are, despite resistance just ‘do’ the day, and don’t take things too seriously, then we make the right decisions for us and so enjoy life more.  When you are ready share your decisions and ideas with those whose feedback you honour and respect. They may say something that brings clarity to our situation.

Maybe we may feel there is a sting in the tail, that is usually due to judgement (which just maybe wrong or incomplete) and/or not releasing the blame game.  It is the residual of the past and we need to completely forgive and find compassion for all (self included). Change is a scary thing and most of us are holding on to what we know rather than dive into the unknown for something better.  Choose not to be a victim to past circumstances, focus on what you have learned rather than what you feel you have lost.

Look beyond old horizons it will help to inspire It helps us to let go of expectations and attachments to specific outcomes so that we can take the risks. If there are moments of fear and uncertainty the best way of dealing with them is to be in the moment, as much as possible, and trust your gut feeling. When we decide to see life as an adventure, rather than a nightmare, we see all the magic and blessings that are happening right in front of our eyes.  And synchronicity starts to be noticed as it occurs.

Make the most of this time of growth and regeneration. Everything is lush and green and full of fertility. Nature is our reflection so find hope and inspiration in the nature that is around us, even when things are looking turbulent. Be willing to see the rainbows in life, because somewhere in the sky the sun is always shining, even when there is rain.

Express willingness to become pro-active, and rise above the sometimes suffocating feelings of helplessness and desperation with renewed faith. When we do so it releases passion and inspiration to do something positive for the world and make it a better place. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, a smile and a kind word starts to new.  We have spent the last few months releasing mental and emotional blockages. Now is the time to move into the flow of action and change the things that no longer serve us.

Suggested self check:

1. As yourself if you have you found your feet and recreated an inner safe space?

2.  What are you committed to?  Is it a new project, relationship or both?  How do you intend to focus and commit?

3.  Are you ready to trust that inner flow and to let life's tides take you need to go without resistance?

4.  What is your gut instinct telling you?

5.  Have you had a sense of humour failure?  Look for laughs whether it is ‘having the crack’ with friends or watching a funny movie.

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