The Wobbly Bridge from Past to Future

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

The Wobbly Bridge from Past to Future


Life has been wobbly over the past few weeks, and some people have been feeling depressed and a bit lost.  Time to find our feet once more, and re-focus our attention. We can step into our power, as the individuals we are now, as we find the forgiveness and compassion towards those that have hurt us, or caused us pain in the past. As we take personal responsibility for the choices we have made we release any negativity that no longer serves us. The new cycle has begun, and with it comes a clean slate,  We are entwined with the collective experience of life.  To empower ourself, we interact with life and change the world bit by bit, merely by living our life. It is our birthright as a human being. Life wants our empowerment, because it expands through our efforts.


Life is always “speaking” to us, as is our Higher Self.  We don’t need to become frustrated because we think we can’t hear our Higher Self. Since it is an integral part of us, the communication is so natural and continual that many miss it.  Depending on our dominant intuitive senses, our communication will vary. But the Higher Self is rarely a booming voice in our head telling us what to do and when to do it. It speaks to us through emotional and thought impulses, as well as our psychic senses like body clues for example goosebumps, throat clearing, feeling hot or cold without reason.  The still small voice speaks to us through our desires, and through our interactions. It will enable us to come across a certain website; have us over-hear someone’s conversation or a song on the radio…it is communicating with us endlessly.  The skill is to take notice and to follow the clues until we solve the mystery.   When we learn to read the clues, we are opening to an enhanced communication and connection that helps guide and indicate our path.  Quiet gentle and kind never forceful or coercive.


Sometimes we feel a little marginalised and isolated.  Often this is because our attention is being drawn towards the ‘new’.  Sometimes we are disappointed because we’ve been unexpectedly approached to do a task, we put ourselves out and work out how it might be possible to administer, only to find others have made different arrangements without informing us.  Rude  not to inform us- yes, inconvenient- yes!  We need to remind ourselves that we would not want to work with people like that anyway and in fact we have been granted a happy miss.  Something more appropriate will occur if we are patient.  It is all a part of the mechanics of letting go of the old and connecting to the new.  Connect to the emotions then let go and trust and accept that all is as it should be and is well, even when we don’t fully understand as yet.


There are two main types of clues; internal clues and external clues.

First, our internal clues speak to us of our intent, our current vibration and belief structures. As we identify and update them, we align our communication with that of our Higher Self.  Secondly, there are the synchronistic clues of life from the outer world—the external clues. These will speak to us of impending manifestations, available choices and how balanced we are with our intent.  As we meld and weave together what we now know and understand it all begins to make sense.


We begin with the inner world. Since your Higher Self easily speaks to you through emotions and thoughts which are our intuitive senses, we can use these to help us to understand the language of the Management Upstairs. Honouring our authentic feelings helps let what is the current requirement surface into awareness. Emotions are merely a library of information packed into a feeling. Reading the internal clues is the observance of our emotions and our thoughts. Authenticity is important for our movement, otherwise we just avoid our own alignment.   When we are empowered within, the outer circumstances don’t control our inner world.   Here the external and internal clues meet in the realm of choice and we update our current within our communication with life.


The external clues present via the circumstances that surround us.  We observe things that we have a strong emotional reaction to and maybe wonder why.  Something may stand out in an unexpected way, for example we look out of the window and colour appears brighter than usual, or someone we are talking to has unfamiliar expressions on their face or in their voice.  Someone at work inspires or annoys you whereas we’ve not been bothered before.  Take notice of the clues of life that are being pointed out.  Some make us feel empowered even if it stirs a little doubt or trepidation, in which case carry on!  If on the other hand if we feel it is dragging us back into places we don’t want to go, then heal it within and walk away.


We need to take actions that move us toward greater empowerment.  We are evolving into greater boldness, love and balance. We are constantly discerning and choosing, directing and allowing. Balance is the active endowment of our natural Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy in equality. We direct  active masculine energy and allow  and respond to feminine energy. We choose masculine energy and we observe feminine energy. This external and internal reflection is a part of us, and it is a part of life.It is the independent and interdependent in balance, living through us.  We are entwined with the collective experience of life. Empower and interact with life and we all change the world bit by bit, merely by living our life. It is our birthright as a human being. Life wants our empowerment, because life expands through us.



Suggested self check:


1.  New energies have been introduced.  Are you ready to meet them as  an inquisitive, innocent child, with no awareness of failure, pain, disappointment, and broken dreams. Or, will old memories and experiences get in your way?


2.  Can you take a genuine, honest, mature look at what is happening in all areas of our life to see what is desirable and possible as a next step?


3.  Be aware that dreaming big can spark conflict so talk and discuss possible plans with those who have a proven track record only until plans begin to concretise. Who are those people for you in current time?


4.  Are you clinging to the river bank or letting go and going with the flow?  When we let go synchronicities start to happen.  What are those for you?


5.  Focus and trust your inner voice.  Then you ‘know’ what the right risks are, it may not seem rational.  So what is the right thing for you at this time?

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