Surfing the waves of life!

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Surfing the waves of life! 

We have no choice but to go with the flow, ride the waves and manage the ebbs and the flows, the highs and the lows, the currents and the waves.  It becomes much easier when we stop fighting with life.  Then we start to see the magic within nature, the synchronicities and how life is working with us.  Time to set our intention and go with the flow. we’ve had a time where we have had the possibility of connecting more fully to our intuition and feel connected to both the spiritual worlds and the earth and nature that surrounds us.  Less ego and more heart is the stimulus that will drive us on. As we’ve spoken about in past months, first comes confusion even conflict as we move between the pressures of society and wondering what our true desires are and if we’re coming to the right conclusions.

If we live simply and quietly we find our personal rhythm and flow, then we begin to understand and even honour our deepest needs as they are now without the fear or/and recrimination.  Any frustration and anger disappears as we bring the current issues to the surface.  We are all special and have something to give yet we have to update what it is!  Where to give and when, and what we need to receive.  It doesn’t matter who we are, or what our life is like, whether our beauty is internal external or both.  Or, where we come from or how much money we have made.  We have unique gifts, skills and talents.  These are pulled apart and then put together in a new way as we change our perspective and attitude to manifest our passions into reality.

We often feel under pressure to look after our material needs and wants, while we become more aware of how our actions impact the rest of humanity, and the planet.  We remember that we are all connected to a greater whole, and hopefully it helps us to be more inclusive, loving, and compassionate.  As the old chapter gives way to the new we sometimes feel a sense of doom which is this conflict between knowing everything is possible, and the clouds created by the harsh reality of our everyday lives, and the fear of change.  This is happening to everyone.  Our job is to be compassionate to ourselves as well as to others.  If we feel  we are being pushed beyond old boundaries then we are!  Take time to be alone but not to indulge in victim mentality.  Being in nature stabilises us rather better than trying to escape into addictive behaviours.

Yes we may want to keep up with world headlines but we need to be careful not to immerse ourselves in horror.  As we learn the merits of rest, quietness, calmness and allowing things to unfold.  We don’t have to have an opinion of everything.  Why people would think we should put our oar in is beyond my comprehension.  Some people just want to be the centre of attention all of the time, the sooner we learn this is not possible the better for everyone.  We are reminded to find our current point of equilibrium, where we are able to remain in our power, without upsetting the harmony and balance of our relationships. This adjustment may feel a little harsh as we may feel a little marginalised until we are motivated to find our new placement.  This will involve freeing others to do the same.

It is a time for co-operation and compromise, rather than conflict and confrontation.  Take a ‘chill pill’ this enables awakening and awareness.  We do our best to let go of anything that we are not in control of. When we can surrender, trust, allow, and receive, life seems to work out more smoothly. Everyone needs to be heard and listened to, so we need to be honest with our feelings and not be afraid to ask for what we want. The more honest and open we are the easier and more emotionally stable we become. Firstly we need to break old dependency cycles and find harmony and peace within relationships that were once challenging.  Ride those waves and enjoy the ride!  A friend of mine said the qualities needed are patience, persistence and perseverance, how true!


Suggested self check:

1. Are you able to let go of the past or do you cling on afraid nothing as good or even better will come your way?

2. Are you able to research what may come your way next in a detached manner?

3. When you ‘know’ how you feel can you express yourself to others in a definitive manner? 

4. When others give you advice as to how they think you ‘should’ proceed are you able to hold your own space or do you find yourself slipping into their reality?

5. Do you find yourself consumed by negative thoughts, people or news?  Do you seek out the positive more cheering situations, people and activities?

P.S.  We have started a series of free talks in collaboration with Ash TV.  If people have questions they can join a Q&A session for which there will be a charge.  Email Ash or myself  and when there are enough people a session will be scheduled.

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