Here Comes Spring

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.


We have been reviewing old heart ache and past cycles that have been pain related at one level or another.   There is a line in a song that says “Oh what a night”  this last time period would better be described as “Oh what a month”.  Brain scramble enables us to work out of what relevant to us now, and what has been useful but is now redundant.  When knowledge is truly integrated within us there is no need to study it further, for now at least.  When we seem to be drowning in emotions we have to ask ourselves if they are ours.   Perhaps we inherited traits from environments, parental influences and the like.  Useful and educational at the time but of no use to us now.  These things get collected up and utilised or discharged from our space.  They may appear as a virus, a bacterial infection or a previously unsuspected illness.  All must be  managed with diligence and with care.

A part of this process is working to become the eye of the storm, the stable calm that life spins around.  Life is spinning fast and we cannot be all things to all people nor should we try.  If our core is strong with the knowing of our sacredness, we are truly empowered and all is well. We can observe this in the way that life flows easily even in troubled times all aligns with relative ease.

In spite of loss illness or whatever we begin to glimpse the magic that we are and that love is.  The real and the natural is not an illusion.  New solutions and new experience is being born through us, some might say in spite of us!   We don’t need to figure it out all at once, we gradually become more resonant with the peace that passes all understand and it will begin to flow through us.  As we work to free ourselves inwardly we find ourselves forgiving those who have made demands on us wittingly or unwittingly.  We start to understand the true meaning on in (for) giving we have received.  In the same way as we may have judged others we judge or justify ourselves. This opinion requires change only then can we perceive in a more comprehensive manner.  If we do not cooperate transformation cannot occur and we get in the way of collective movement.  

As we begin to find our new place we let go and in doing so free ourselves and many others.  Old experiences become new strengths where we lead by demonstration rather than by being bossy and annoying others.  Updated wisdom may require us to keep quiet and just be around rather than insisting on a lead role.  Certainly we may learn new understanding of ourself, and we will certainly understand others better.  We may like what we see or we may not!  We cannot change the system or have another go.  If our kids are grown up we can’t go back and take another go at raising them!  They will be raising their own family now and will be meeting the challenges of their own remits in their own ways.  They will not thank us for getting in their way.  

We all have to find our updated role and fill the space that is waiting for us.  We help most by being able to respond, it is responsible to focus on our need rather than to put all our energy into deciding (probably wrongly) what others needs are!  Take a good look at where we are and what we believe is required as a next step.  Don’t look too far ahead for if we do we loose momentum better we have the tenacity to achieve the next step, more may seem to forbidding.   

Only when we begin to see the light for ourselves can we light the path of others.  Once the recognition is there all are able to move on.  Then the creative ideas come and we begin to trust we are being guided.  We live naturally with simplicity and elegance and all are served.  We are now riding the waves of living rather than sinking.

Suggested self check:

1.   Decide to work for the good of all even when we do not know exactly what is required as yet!  Togetherness and teamwork is more important than personal recognition.  Your heart will tell you who is a part of your current team and who is not - have you asked?

2. We’ve all heard the expression ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’  well now is the time!  What do you need to take up or to put down.  What is making you numb rather than brave?  Are you grateful for learning to date and ready to move on?  Do you share dreams or messages so we shine?

3. Are you trusting your inner guidance or running amok and creating unnecessary  dramas?  Are you aware of the needs of others or are you too bound up with in your own to even notice?

4. Do you know what you believe in now?  Or, are you being over influenced by others?

5. Have you the courage to let life dance through you?  If you have the we manifest the new dreams with relative ease.  Are you speaking your own truth?  Are you standing up for what you believe in?  Are you respecting yourself and others?

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