High Flying Results from Deep Thinking

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.


Learning to love ourself as well as others enables forgiveness and the release of painful learning and experiences.  As a result we become more connected to the vastness within the unknown.  We are in constant communication within also with all live surrounding us.  We are all asked to readjust our own experiences as a result of the intensification of human behaviours, the flow of information that has become more conscious.  We only have to keep up with the news to observe this is a world-wide phenomena.

Whether we feel overwhelmed and fear filled or excited is our choice.  We have had to work hard to nurture all as best able ourselves included until we are more peaceful within.  Only then do we increase our openness which enables us to flow more easily with life.  It is valuable to have time to focus upon your internal expression so that you begin your creations with much more clarity. As you free yourself from discordant information that you were holding within, you release unconscious vibrational information that was causing a lack of clarity. You are then able to choose your next steps with much more clarity.

It is the time for new levels of creativity and empowerment but we must come from updated and true authenticity.  We allow all emotions positive and negative these inform us and enable clarity and so transformation without suppression.  We have a passive phase prior to defining new more limitless boundaries.  Be observant and decide what you wish to take in and be a part of.  It is known as shapeshifting and we are deciding on the new view.  This involves letting go of the old and connecting to a more beauty filled reality.

Our ‘job’ is not to change the world but to change ourself into a power filled being that reshapes our own world, this in turn will affect others.  If we view ourselves with strength and courage of one who know the power of love both within and ‘outside’ eventually the two meet and merge and we are on our way to taking another step forward.  We have to handle the daily challenges that human beings are facing, then developing the wisdom to understand personal limitations moment by moment.  All the time creating healthy boundaries.

To understand new solutions building we need to maintain peaceful focus of our expectations and ability to demonstrate love in action and the power it holds.  We need to become the change ourself first only then can we demonstrate that way to others.  Clearly many want to see the peace that passes understanding manifest on Earth.  Those who abuse power must stand down,  We are all a part of humanity and have different skills to input,  none are superior or inferior we are just aware of the movement of all and the need to find our space in the new regime as we applaud others doing the same.  If we consciously communicate with Life, you develop a clearer understanding of the physical realm and non-physical realm.  Detachment is not a lack of compassion, it is a lack of turmoil.  It is our authenticity and honouring of the self that creates our core strength.

May the Winter Solstice, Christmas and the New Year bring all that each and all required and may we find the grace to support and encourage many.

On a personal note may I wish all a blessed season as we pass the darkest night and head once again for the Light.  My thanks to relatives, friends, colleagues and all who have been so supportive this past year

Suggested self check:

Are you going to choose love or fear?  Choosing love requires surrender and forgiveness of self and others.  Face ‘what is’ square in the face and trust in the good.

Are you trying to control life and the universe?  You can’t!  Affirm your willingness to let go and focus on the next chapter.

Are you jumping to conclusions ahead of time?  Just be present in the moment willing to see and listen and to feel, conclusions appear when all are ready and only then - develop patience.

Recognise that all things change but some take longer than others to adjust.  We get in the way if we bully intentionally or unintentionally.  Do you?

Are you willing to let go of doubt and jump into your next space, then to wait and see what this involves?

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  • Jonathan Hourihan said

    Thank you for the blog, it is appreciated. The self check suggestions were thought provoking and it has helped my reflection on how hard I had been pushing with expectations on the outcomes of my Sadhana practice. Making a more conscious effort to trust the process and live in the present ‘now’ is a certainly a focus for the now and as I move into the new year and beyond. Have a great Xmas and new year.

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