Will it be a sting in the tail or increasing respect and love of all?

Will it be a sting in the tail or increasing respect and love of all?


If we are able to work through the gears to arrive into neutral we  can release old suffering once and for all, not only for ourselves but for others as well..  First we need to find the strength to surrender our human fears to the unknown, and trust our flow with Life, even when we don’t fully understand what is happening.  November is often known as the scorpion with the sting in its tail.  Sometimes we find the focus is on relationships and we can expect issues that need to be resolved to come up during this period. It also shows us where darkness is lurking.  We can choose to  face our fear and let go of emotional attachments and relationships that have been holding us back.  If our space is too cluttered we cannot find the space to respond Clear that space and we create harmony and peace, rather than anger and chaos.


It can be helpful to clear out our homes pass on clothes, pictures kitchen equipment, furniture and so on.  Attics, garages and storage areas are not exempt this physical action can support emotional cleansing,  and outdated ways of being which in turn will create spiritual space.  Only then can the new ways present.  It maybe unexpected and quiet but they will come for sure. 


If the action we take is inspired by Love, we are choosing a new path, which may not be as established as others, but if it is based in Love then our life can change out of all recognition.  The courage to walk the talk of the heart and the gut shows us a new trail waiting to be blazed with the fire of our passion; the flame of our inspiration; the Light of our Love.   The forms vary considerately. Perhaps people we have known have grown at different rates to those we are experiencing right now, not better or worse just different.  Maybe we have changed our work or have stopped working. It could be a change of location.  We need to adapt and free others to do the same.


Action starts with an internal choice.  If it is inspired by love we are able to maintain a firm foundation promoting well being for all even when times appear a little sticky.  Expect the unexpected and even the apparent same old, same old will take on new life which will surprise and delight.  We need to learn to rise above pettiness, so we create steadiness for ourselves and others who surround us.  Up in the air one minute then being in the depths of despair is exhausting for one and all,  and leads us to be always off balance, if we steady down within, then we are less affected by what happens around us.  We come from our faith and are peaceful, so be still and if you are not then meditate, be alone in nature until you are.  This past month many people have been experiencing dizziness especially when they get up suddenly.  Blurry eyes, that shift from clear to being blurred in seconds.  Ears shifting from not hearing sometimes described as ‘cloth ears’  to acute hearing that is almost painful.  We are getting ready for our next phase of learning and all ‘filters’  are being cleaned and adjusted.  When this is completed health returns are whatever level is necessary and so does our balance.




Suggested self-check

  1. Are you listening to your gut instinct and cutting out any non-sense from the past?  Find something to be joyful about each day.
  2. Are you able to get co-census agreement between the subtle and the practical and so make clearer decisions?
  3. Are you able to hold a patient and tenacious way of being?  This can include injecting renewed energy into projects and tasks from the past which we’ve neglected for one reason or another.
  4. Are you looking after all, and that includes you, as best you are able?  No matter how poorly, unloved or run down you’ve been are you able to count your blessings?
  5. Is your paper work in order, bills paid, tax issues attended to and financial matters sorted and cleared?  They either come back and bite us or are a reason  to celebrate completion.

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