Real Progress as we balance opposites

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Real Progress as we balance opposites

This is the time to see very clearly and practically what is no longer working in our life, and what needs to go,  and where we need to let go of the 'dead wood'; it could involve projects, creative endeavours, relationships and friendships, that are no longer serving us. We need to be aware not to become too nit-picky or overwhelmed by the actions of others around us . We may find ourselves mixing with some old pals, yet wishing others well but also understanding there is only so much time and space and if they are no longer relevant to our life or our circumstances we wish them well and know it is time to let go.  
We now need to have different pursuits or interests then we have to comply with the relevance of life as it is now.  That gives all the time and the space to physically ground the ideas that have been forming over the last few weeks,  but only If we have clarified our intentions and have clearly defined our desires, wishes and hopes  To do this we must acknowledge that which we don’t want to make space for so that we are  available for the old to merge with the new seamlessly.
Instead of striving for something at the top of the ladder, strive for understanding of the circle of energy that makes up our new “now” reality.  We need to understand the non-linear as well as the obvious.  It is a statement of where we are now within ourself and within the updated family circumstances.  My eldest son said on a recent visit his doctor he had suggested that my son was no longer a young man and high impact exercise might be replaced by low impact.  He said if he was no longer young it came as a shock to realise must be ancient!  We had a good laugh but its also a truism!  
Old family ‘tags’ may be lovely, funny or they may contain darkness, poison and ‘wrong’ living, it may have been ‘right’ once but is no longer.  We have to transmute one stage to another or we will be unable to ‘fit’ in today’s world as we too easily become a round peg in a square hole. The grace to be where we are is a skill that needs constant update!  We need to take an overall view as and so create interactions that contain vulnerability, courage love and reconnection.  If any resist we are unable to move on collectively.  Make the choice and don’t sit on the fence it is no longer the easy option.  If we don’t choose to change we get forced to!  Commit to update and it becomes inspiring right where we are.
Suggested self check:
1.       What activities are life supporting with circumstances surrounding you at this time?
2.       What sort of obstructions are occurring; do those obstructions need to be pushed through or are you being advised by life to leave well alone and let them go?
3.       Is the space around you clear of clutter?  If it is not then work to clear a space - your rubbish is someone else treasure so if you haven’t used something within the last year let it go or chuck it!
4.       The physical activity above reflects your emotional state and your intellectual activities as well so decide what you no longer wish or appear to be being allowed to involve yourself within and action the clearing.
5.       Make ‘friends’ with the time it takes to affect change and be realistic until you understand what is required.  Have the flexibility to operate a trial and error system.  

Postscript  Apologies I have been off line for nearly two weeks due to a server fault.  Finally last night the problem was put right by the 3rd engineer who has been on sight and that was after 5 hours!  So to those who have been neglected, whose birthdays have been missed sincere apologies.  To emails that have not been answered - i’m trying to catch up and so on.  That is also the reason this blog is shorter than usual, I’ll try to do better next month. All good wishes ……..