Get with the Program

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.


It’s Harvest time of the year we all gather the foods we need at every level of being physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual to carry us into the next phase with gratitude and grace.  When we trust the unknown within, we open ourself to more of an understanding and connection with the subtle realms, via our subtle bodies.  Trusting the unknown within means trusting  our impulses, trusting  our actions, trusting  our perception, and trusting that what is not yet known.  We coming into resonance within us as to what is required of us next. What is not yet known is divine, magical, loving and dear to our heart. What is unknown is how life is going to unfold and open us to more awareness of our divinity within. When an unknown is dangerous or not beneficial to us, our physical, emotional and mental bodies alert us, if we take notice we keep out of trouble that is avoidable.  

Trusting the unknown within us helps us to learn to communicate with the subtle language. It is not as direct and linear as our physical languages. It is not as immediate. It is more about opening into potential.  As we begin to trust the unknown within, we are allowing the vast potential within us to begin to blossom. Trusting the unknown within is the difference between expecting that we should already know and knowing that there is a greater divinity within. This keeps us open to expansion.  It is important to stay rooted until or unless we have reason to relocate, need yes, whim no!  

It is quite common to mostly observe what is wrong, and judge and compare where we are now as wrong, in comparison to what we want to be experiencing. Yet as we focus on the unknown with an inner trust we naturally expand ourself into more divinity in human form. Watch out for impatience and intolerance towards things we find difficult to accept  It is not easy to hold that vastness within the present moment. It is not easy to observe the world around us and maintain our unique vibration.  And yet, that is the challenge that we are embarking upon moment by moment—looking beyond the obvious, beyond the physical expression that is occurring now, and into the future that we are wanting to create. To accomplish that in a grounded ‘beingness’, we become empowered connecting deeply with Life.   Life evolves in directions that support Life even when we don’t fully understand what is going on.  It is a deep knowing within that whatever is occurring in this now moment has been built from the foundation of the past and it has created this perfect now moment that is building the future.

And yet, all of that future is already within us. That is the linear experience we have already experienced.  Yet we are also the vast experience—that deep knowing that life evolves in ways that supports all life. That evolution is not always easy, but it always occurs. Nature will always replenish itself, and like animals we adjust to the needs of nature and what it can provide. Humanity is learning this on an external levels. We already know this very naturally.   The hardest of rocks is shaped by the softest of water. But that water is not timid. It flows where it wants to flow regardless of the rock. It just takes its natural path of least resistance.   This is working with the subtle realm, and in doing so we will find that as we open to the divinity that is within us, we deepen the levels of trust within us and loose our fear of the unknown. We learn that the momentum of life is carrying us in a different direction when we accept that this is so we allow the path of least resistance to show us the next flow available.

It is important not to compromise our integrity and our truth.  We slow down to eventually speed up again.   We start to think what we want to say before we speak having worked out what outcome we would like before we say anything.  Only when we do the emotional preparation do we find we are heard more easily this way of being serves all.  If we do what we are doing with passion, creativity and it serves a purpose success and abundance is achieved for all.  This way of being and what we subsequently decide to do is a sacred union which will bear fruit given the space to grow and the time needed - trust and it will be so.

Suggested self-check:

Are the wounds we have experience within real or an illusion?

Are we willing to let old wounds go or do we cling to them like an identification badge?

With all the polarities meeting and sometimes clashing just now are we willing to be a part of the solution or do we add to the problems?

Are we willing to do what we can for ourself (and for others) or do we expect a ‘special deal’?

Are we modest within what we want or do we consider others around us?

Are we humble and grateful or are we always wanting to have ‘more’?

Have we let go to the level of our capacity to enable the next phase to enter in?