Embracing the Highs and Lows

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Embracing the highs and the lows

it is now time to stand up tall and believe in yourself. The new moon encourages us to be PROUD of who we are and what we are doing in the world. It gives us the courage and commitment to follow our hearts, enabling us to truly accept ourselves. We are all born with a purpose and this is the time to start to fully live in alignment with your truth, without fear or shame.  we all have a deep vision of who we are within us that benefits the whole of humanity. Each one of us has the power to change the unfolding planetary story we are writing, but only if we choose to share our skills and talents to serve others, rather than for purely personal gain. Selfless service helps us to rebuild our self esteem and raise our vibration.  This is the time to stand up strong, unafraid and unashamed to be who we are. However, real compassionate leadership starts from WITHIN. Our sense of self-awareness and worthiness increases when we realise our place in the world is important and worthwhile.  If we become too arrogant we can fall flat on our faces so try not to get involved in drama, our own or that of others. Stop hiding in the shadows, afraid of who you once were buying into the loneliness drama, and get out into the world with your unique gifts and skills. This is the ONLY way we can help make this world a better place.

We’ve been going through what is sometimes referred to as a black moon, when a month prior we try to find the best, most up to date form of discernment.  First we must experience intense quiet where we are as still as possible.  It’s a time to listen not to speak, to reflect not to act, to go within rather than run around like a bull in a china shop.  The entire universe is contained within so we as the microcosm learn the entire microcosmic self is a direct reflection of the macrocosm.  We are a thread woven in time and in space as we pass through life and reflect the macrocosm. As the next new moon comes around it sparks our creativity and we bring learned wisdom to bear.  We have to be patient and have fortitude and commitment which will fuel the engine of fulfilment. 

New opportunities that occur to early can falter before they begin.  The a much-anticipated new start will fast lose its shine, this will leave us discouraged and disorientated.  This is all to common if we are ‘in a hurry’ we must pave the way as we highlight where adjustments maybe needed so we make haste more slowly giving an adequate time to review and instigate any alterations prior to the birth of the new phase.  We may experience the change as a gentle breeze or a mighty storm, whatever we learn to embrace the unknown whether it trickles in or it is experienced as a flood through our life as it must and it will.

Surrender is the name of the game.  During this month we have acknowledged the work done with I-Sky we were 21!  We had a celebration entitled ‘Passing the Baton’ and that is just where it is at!  Guru Dharam, Darryl O’Keeffe and I have actively worked together for 21 years (although we’ve known each of a lot longer) and now it is time for the ‘grown children’ to have their turn as we step back.  They become self-responsible and with increasing awareness and it is time for us to applaud and acknowledge those in service who are making an effort.  A fuller ‘menu’ which may or may not appeal to others,  but it gives all the chance to allow for a more democratic structure and so a stronger base.  We’re aware some may succeed, some may not.  We have always had a policy not to dictate but to encourage, both in mainstream markets and more specialist ones.  If it is in line with the requirements of the moment each will have success: if not it will be back to the drawing board!  Last weekend we came from a track record that speaks for itself, now it is the turn of those who come after us and we move more into an advisory role.  We cannot and must not become dogmatic,  To communicate with the ability to come from our core is essential now.  If we are in our centre we become our own advertisement.  If our intention is clear we can afford to accommodate others with respect, they will find out for themselves in the fullness of time if boundaries are adequate or not.  If we are unable to enable others we become dictatorial and will lose our connections with them and our ability to mediate between the Management Upstairs and people seeking but who have not yet found what they are looking for’

Time to question how deeply do we dare to love ourselves?  If the Management Upstairs love us enough to put us here who are we to question it?  Then we ask how readily do we express love and appreciation and where does our focus lie.  To engage with others we have to be honest with ourselves and with others as to where our strengths and weaknesses are and acknowledge our gifts and challenges, only when we engage with intensity can we then lighten up and consequently work with a light touch.  This may require the old to move out of our space so as to make room for others to move in. Are we different when we are alone as opposed to when we are with others?  We are being asked to recognise our contribution within the lives of others, to do that we must acknowledge them.  No false propaganda is acceptable we need to have walked the talk through time and have been tempered by the tides of living.  We can’t do that if we demand to much attention from others if we haven’t offer attention to them.  We may think our contributions are recognised but then how well do we recognise those who have contributed to us?  

One of my teachers said to me when I was having a moan to him about the demands of teaching, travel, children etc. “Until it doesn’t bother you, they will be there and increase demand on you.  When it really doesn’t bother you only then do you get a choice as to how to proceed.”  Wise words and as I look back I really recognise the benefits and the learning I gained from one and all.  A great lesson learned in humility and modesty!  Leading from in-front too easily becomes dictatorship, leading from behind may not received recognition short term but everyone benefits and why should we think we deserve the limelight anyway?  A true democracy acknowledges the skills of all as the whole moves forward together playing their role rather than trying to be who they are not.

Suggested self-check:

1. Do we try to lead because we are self-deluded and feel comfortable or can we really guide with wisdom and grace.  If we can we need control nothing, manipulate nothing.  Time will tell and students and family will be quick to point it out to us if we’re willing to listen and take notice.  Are we?

2. Are we willing to open our heart to life in all it’s forms rather than just try to follow the path we would wish.

3. Do we appreciate our divine authority and respond and acknowledge that in others within all avenues of life?

4. In what ways can we inspire others to be authentic.  We can’t if we are not authentic ourselves, are we at all times or just when we perceive ourselves to be the ones working?

5. How deeply can we respect ourself even when things do not appear to be going according to plan?

6. Does our life glorify ego or illuminate the collective?

7. How do we manage when things do not appear to be going our way or we feel rejected and insecure?