Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

In moments of fear and uncertainty we may feel restless, stuck, and frustrated about a situation we have no control over, issues suddenly come to the surface. We can also be a bit tactless and insensitive creating unintended bad feeling, so we need to make sure we think before we speak. We can also be blindly optimistic about a situation, so we need to use our intuition before we act. The best way of flowing is to be willing to be as flexible as possible, and take opportunities as they arise in the moment, to transform the chaos into creativity. For this we need to be patient and compliant.

There certainly is a collective shift going on. Easy to see this illustrated throughout the world. It is a bit like the active person who is moving and shaking, strutting around busily finding they suddenly get older, have an accident or whatever being sidelined to enable others starting out to take their place. Alternatively when the kids grow up and leave home and make their mark having experiences we know nothing about. Old connections may fade or strengthen but WE don’t know which is which or what is what as yet.

It shakes us up we may loose our balance as the status quo has changed, or we may have visual disturbance both In one way we are anxious and want to provoke physical manifestation and understanding, on the other hand we yearn for past familiarity. The first requires us to anticipate the future (which we can’t) in the second option we need to let go of the past, we may know this internally yet it is not time yet to fully understand the implications. Maybe others who surround us, or will surround us need more time or circumstances need more preparation. Time to get off the case and ‘do the day’!

We need to be more spontaneous, laugh more loudly, and have as much fun as possible. Make time to have an adventure, go into nature, and enjoy the summer. Stretch imagination and intellect by taking a course, classes, or attending a talk or workshop on a subject that fascinates and excites you, or dropping without guilt things in which we have lost interest in altogether.

Take the situation of today and mould it into something that’s beautiful for you now. In dire, difficult circumstances, anchor and celebrate all that’s around. Claim love of the Management Upstairs and of love if you can do this compassion with fill and surround. Then just keep on going!

In the bigger picture three powers (United States of America, Russia and Great Britain) form an important energetic triangle within which, major conflicts are being precipitated fundamentally affecting the destiny of humanity. Once there is a free circulation and a true understanding within their own borders, and between them, then world peace will be assured. In these three nations, Russia, United States of America and Great Britain, three major divine aspects are being brought into manifestation, laying the foundation for a new world order. All three are of equal importance: Great Britain we need to demonstrate right human government and right use of Power; from the United States of America right human relations which bring right use of love and wisdom; and from Russia correct use of the mind and intelligent application of Intelligence.

Suggested self-check:

  1. Do we dictate terms if we feel thwarted?
  2. Do we try to ‘rule the world’ or demonstrate a revised way of being, then wait patiently to see if others agree through time?
  3. Are we loving towards all others even when our wisdom appears to fall on deaf ears?
  4. Are we wise in our expectations and patient as we wait to see if our policies are fed back to us as if it was their idea in the fullness of time?
  5. Do we try to dominate situations by getting aggressive?
  6. Can we come up with viable solutions when faced with some issue we do not like?
  7. Are we competitive trying to our own way creating an “I’m ok shame about you” situation? 

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