Making friends with uncertainty

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Who are we now?  Right now each moment seems different - peace, excitement, fatigue, confusion, energy, clarity, irritation, with moments of revising understanding, is the full spectrum of love being revised within us?  Maybe we find our balance affected or is it our eyes going in and out of focus?  During this adjustment we need to relax and be more flexible, if we over focus on one aspect we get in the way of flow.
We have been dredging up almost primal energies which connect us to our primal status.  On the one hand we may seek wealth, fortune, inner peace and wisdom; on the other safety, security, desire and personal satisfaction.  Are we as we would wish to be and do we really believe it will improve our quality of life? So often as we satisfy one desire many more come in to take their place.  We’re trying to temper our ego so it compliments our soul, if we try to eliminate one in favour of the other it just won’t work, rather it will set up conflict.
Many people have been experiencing strong desire maybe in the form of frustration, greed, grasping what we think we want or competing with another as we jockey for what we think might be a better position.  Are we stubbornly pursueing our desires in spite of them not being in our best interest, if so we will be thrawted.  Better to nurture desires that nurture our interests and which enhance our insights.  How we manage our desires and respons to other is key. 
If we assume we have a right to have and get whatever we want we throw tantrums when life does not deliver.  The same if we place our wants above  everyone else’s as we expect other to dance to our tune.  The energy around us is potentially disruptive yet it is linked to raw unmitigated impersonal power.  How we tame these wild ‘horses’ depends on our style.  We may tend to try to subtly manipulate people into our way of thinking; we may be outspoken assuming our word should be law and the thing to play others like they are puppets on our strongs.  If others don’t afford us the respect we think we are due we start to sulk!  If we just do our thing without regard to others we detach from all others rather than just being selective so our input is relevant to who and where we find ourselves right now.  If we disregard all others we trample others hopes and dreams as we get in their way.
If we listen rather than talk we start to hear what is and what is not relevant to our status.  A quiet mind hears whispers and sees glimpses that give possible   So those who shout or those who direct us what to see get in our way as they try to trample our will towards their self-interests while ignoring us.  Don’t disregard the gentle or dismiss them as worthless.  The quiet but those who are nevertheless truthful and trustful are the humble who will come to the fore from this time on.  
Suggested self-check:
  1. Do you feel the MU and the Earth within you have reunited in updated form within you?
  2. Do you recognise those who speak their truth in life as opposed from those who just talk about it?
  3. Have you made a request regards the world you wish to inhabit as opposed to those you really don’t?
  4. Do you feel your divine self truly lives within regardless of disciplines you may have studied in the past have you owned the essence and released all else?
  5. Are you ready and willing to work with what comes rather than making exaggerated plans?
  6. Are you able to remain quiet and calm even when you have to challenge something you are not in agreement with?
  7. Can you identify those whose card is ‘marked’ from The Management Upstairs?

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