Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

We have the opportunity to deepn our reality, increase in confidence and soar in ways that are unfamiliar to us.  Sometimes described as soul retrieval as we integrate fragments into a new cohesive whole, we sift the ingredients, so to speak, and convert them into a genuine feeling of inner completion.  This is the culmination of sifting what we need from old experience and coupling it with what is possible now.  Meeting it head on allows for an important rewiring of all levels of being so as to meet new experience with an attitude of anticipation, so allowing our life force to be rewired and focused towards new expression outwardly in the service of all as we begin to understand what is required of us now.

Many have been experiencing fear of late, some from within, some as a result of what has been being demonstrated by world events.  All bringing about the degree of tension required to break though into different states. We must not lack empathy or connection in order to accelerate our growth so we require a level of detachment that allows us to look past the obvious and into pure potential.  If our potential includes a capacity to love and to care we connect with what is required.  

So now we are at a stillpoint, a little like having breathed in we have a point when nothing appears to be happening prior to breathing out once more.  However at the stillpoint it is a time when we are gathering energy.  It is necessary to honour that moment of inaction but it is an essential time as one thing feeds another.  The connection point is between what was and what will be.  Now the point is what we are whispering to ourself within ourself.  First we need to take notice of our focus for we must maintain a powerful inner realm that sustains the beauty of our life even if the circumstances are somewhat difficult to manage.

With the festival of the Buddha (May 10) we learn to surrender to reality as it is rather than trying to live as we think things ought to hae been.  As we break through old fear we go down to greater depths within ourselves, and we let go  of what what no longer serves so as to get with the new updated programmes.  It can be a profound experience as we shed old skins but prior to this we have to find the courage to face within ourselves what we’ve been hiding.  Painful maybe but very liberating especially if we have been in denial regards choices we may have made in the past.  Time to forgive ourselves as well as others and move on in greater wisdom, as beyond the chaos comes new order.

Suggested self check:

Do you trust yourself not to make other people responsible for your state of mind?

Do you punish others by actions, tone of voice or ancient dogma?

Do you sacrifice yourself or lay a guilt trip if you are feeling bad?

Do you self motivate by taking exercise, keeping yourself occupied rather than expecting others to contribute to your state of mind?

Are your expectations realistic within the circumstances of the moment?

Are you truthful and trustful towards those closest to you?

Are you able to work on a need to know basis rather than ‘gossip’?

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