Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Many of us have found the space to evaluate, review and revise who we are and what we have learned to date.  It was sometimes a turbulent year in 2016 with old paradigms being broken down.  This has converted into many more people being woken up.  We cannot use old guidelines as they just will not work.  We need youthful enthusiasm in the way we view things, yes we’ll make ‘good’ mistakes, adjust, reform, try to rebel but that is how we begin to find our way forward, and our revised roles.

It gives us the inner strength not to give up as we keep going.  Keep on keeping on will be the mantra during these times of change.  Things may have been in flux but now is the time to get into the new flow of life.  It may feel like a step back individually and collectively but it is giving us the momentum to take the step forward that is required.  The seeming burden converting into a blessing.  It may appear as if we need to ‘be strong’ whereas realistically all that is required if to find the way to flow the way the river is flowing.

If we watch a mountain goat he/she is stubbornly undeterred by even the highest and steepest terrain.  These animals almost magically find footholds in the most unlikely places whether climbing to the top of a mountain or coming down to find food or water, ’ despite adversity, obstacles, the ever up or downhill struggle and the never-ending challenges.

We have to abide and understand the difference requirements within the future potential before we are able to make informed choices.  It is a given that there is unsettling uncertainty throughout the world as we know it, within that are unbridled possibilities and it is up to us what we ultimately create from the many surprises that are in store for us all.  We need to develop a healthy detachment regardless of what is going on within the spaces we occupy or pass through.  Only this allows us to remain more neutral and to focus in the midst of intensity.

Rather than trying to hide away we learn to be silent within the chaos that eventually leads to new order.  Of course it is easier if we shut ourselves away, close our eyes, have soft music playing with no outer demand or disruption but now we are asked to work within our market places regardless of the opinions being fed into our space  We need to listen and to hear prior to deciding that we think is the correct path for us to pursue.  Others may challenge or try to influence our choices and we have to withstand that if we do not agree.  This can be done with good humour, or not! Truthful communication and good humour are essential, there is no room not to discuss fundamentals now.  Thinking for ourselves and communicating our opinion is healthy as is really listening to others to enable us to achieve a chicness].  What is a no no is deciding how others should think or pre-empting outcomes.

Suggested self check:

1. Is your internal space clear and clean

2. Do you aim to take a realistic view of ‘now’ and think deeply regards the implications of your own reactions?

3. When you have a clear assessment do you inform others?  Do you honour family first,  and then move onto colleagues and friends fully knowing you can cope with their reactions.

4. Do you create a statement for general release if changes will affect clients and stick to it? 

5. Are you willing to revise and review the work life balance until it appears all aspects are catered for?

6. Do you listen to the requests of others to renegotiate as required?

7. Do you watch for ‘clues’ and check them within yourself before taking action?

8. When the ‘inner’ you meets and balances with requests,  are you able to implement the revised schedules gently with the agreement of all parties?


It is 21 years since Guru Dharam Singh, Darryl O’Keeffe and I started a work association, although we’d been friends for years already.  We are celebrating a coming of age by creating a video diary of various peoples comments about their development throughout the years.  If you would like to take part and share how you think Guru Dharam, Darryl or Judy have been instrumental within your spiritual growth and your practical life framework please record a short video and send the link to <admin@i-sky.net>  The links will appear throughout the coming year on the i-SKY website.  We do not have not the time to edit so please be clear and brief in your comments.

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