Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

We are ending a nine year cycle and at the start of another and we see this reflected throughout the world.  Any individual change is a type of death to the old and the familiar, as we give birth to the revising status.  It affects the individual, their family, community and so on.  Many people say when expecting their first baby “my life will not change”  Maybe this brings the significance of the Christmas Story to life in the here and now.  Life will change out of all recognition as anyone who has had a child will know, we are in ignorance and in denial when we say it wont.  Nothing wrong with that it helps us get used to a new idea in theory, the practical reality will come soon enough.

In this time of major collective transition and change, none of us know exactly the form that re-birth will take or how it will affect us.  We sense it at a subtle level but are unsure what it may mean to us or how it will affect us,  nor how it will affect evolution as a whole.  All we know is that our consciousness will deepen and we will learn greater truths and update our reality.  We have completed our last chapter of learning and we start the next as we move forward ‘blind’ in faith.

The changes are a work in progress whether we understand them or not.  We should stay loving the creative source and our part within it.  This is vital, even if consciously we don’t have a clue what is involved right now.  We trust we will be shown what we need to know and that our intuition will guide us even when we are in places we don’t expect to be during the process of transition  We can choose and look for joy every minute every day even when we appear to be in a dark place we actively seek light and laughter.  Dark agents use 'fear' to imprison their followers. Light Agents use 'Love and Intelligence' to guide and liberate themselves and others.  Where do your choices lie?

We can quake in fear as we see reflected in the Earth through earthquakes, fires tragedy and so on OR we can clear up our affairs as best we are able and trust ourselves to act with dignity towards all as best we are able.  The ‘plastic’ face must now give way to more genuine forms of behaviour, care and concern towards one another.  It is within our realm of experience to shape our life into a form of creative enjoyment from our perspective.  We may not enjoy every moment, but every experience is worthwhile for our expansion.  This path of openness also entails strength. The two are not exclusive. We have natural survival mechanisms that protect our physical body and our emotional/mental complex that teach us healthy openness that is not ‘over the top’ it is an evolvement through experience.

As we release controlling the outer world, we balance our inner world into a strength and flexibility, and are opening to the flow of Love—the natural pull that creates Life. In this way we merge the strength of the past, the flexibility of the present, and the beautiful potential of the future into a cohesive whole . We hold everything within, and by doing so we anchor a greater capacity to actualise our multidimensional nature. As our inner being accepts this new path we are at peace, then and only then, does our ‘outer’ world begin to match and harmonise with our ‘outer’ experiences.  The old guidelines are not transferable to the new situations we will meet so we quietly go about our daily round as we connect to updated ones. 

Let this Christmas be a time of ever deepening love towards family, communities and nations.  We can all make a contribution towards bringing peace in our time.  May this season bring wonder to each and everyone.  Claim the blessings gifted to one and all so we go into 2017 accepting our lot with grace and gratitude.  Blessings to one and all.

Suggested self check:

Have you truly let go of your history to date?

Are you open to the unexpected?

Are you able to ‘do the day’ with awareness?

If others behave in a manner you do not approve of can you quietly comment and then leave well alone?

Are you in your integrity regards yourself and toward others?

Do you ‘know’ what your updated truth is?

After you ‘catch up’ with where you are now, are you able to relate it to others?

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