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Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

And so change is upon us again!  We move in the direction of our current interests as do all others until we find our rightful places in the here and now as we let go of the past.  This month we have been tested in our acceptance of the Greater.  Nothing to ‘fix’ all is as it should be.  No need to protect anyone or anything, we’re being asked to accept and cooperate within the updated requirements.  We cannot change things for it is within the circumstances that we leave old placements and accept new ones and if we cooperate it is easier for everyone.  Nor can we ‘fix it’ for another person much as we might wish to.

We need to honour and respect the process all without input and interference unless or until it is asked for.  We must never invade or take over, it is dishonourable,  what we can do is just be there whether that is at a distance or up close.  The energy we are moving into is vastly different from the energy we have come from. This is first and it is primary. We have got to cement this into our belief system so strongly that everything we do from now on recognizes the new energy as the new normal. It’s never going to return to the way it was and it’s part of a new plan.  As life becomes more chaotic and unstable, we try and find safety in what we know rather than embrace the inevitability of change.

For me it has been difficult to keep up with myself not least because I went for a test to find out why I had suddenly become jaundiced.  Test at the hospital supposedly an hours procedure, and 11 days later  I was allowed home!  The hospital is being extended hugely so staff communications were in tact, whereas if patients struck lucky enough to send or receive a message it was a celebration!   I am now sporting a metal stent which is behaving very well thank goodness.

After 33 years continuous service I am now taking some time out to have some rest and some fun.  So sorry no appointments, I will keep up with the blog posts but the rest is being put on hold.  I’d like to pay tribute to friends, colleagues and clients it has been a rewarding journey.  Now just as our children leave home to find their own place in the world I am doing the same for one and all.  I hope and pray that all turn out as well as my own children have they are free, caring and loyal folk inputting in the lives of all who surround them.

From next month the blog will have added to it an exercise that people can do for themselves should they choose to do so.  This month we have just experience an unusual full moon last seen in 1948.  It is significant as the moon is close to the earth and it appears bigger and brighter on November 14th in its fullness.  Don’t run away from the changes it wont help or change anything.  Don’t fight them co-operate and trust in the Greater good.  It is common to experience a quaking in the Earth which reflects within its peoples.  We do our best to make the way clearer for ourselves and all others and get on with the next thing, day by day.  Being mature means learning to accept what we cannot change, facing unresolved sorrows and learning to love life as it really happens, not as we would have it happen.

When someone attaches unkindness to criticism, they are angry.

Angry people need to criticize as an outlet for their anger. That's why you must reject unkind criticism. It is not a meaningful critique it is about them and not about you.

We always wonder if we have done well enough as we trust people we have worked with to take up the reins for themselves.  But by doing so and by being less available they often surprise us with their sensitivity and abilities may it be so for all who read this blog post.

Blessings to all.

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  • Harsha Moore (Gobind Seetal Kaur) said

    Sat Nam Judy
    Thank you for your blog - this is the first one I have read and I know why...it is just what I needed to hear and what I suppose I have been moving towards, especially over the last few days.
    Keep well and enjoy your rest
    Love and blessings

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