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Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

The experiences we have within our lives on Earth shapes our inner and outer action.  The interaction between the two shows us how to blend the inner and outer experiences into a focused beam, and how to love.  As we learn to focus our love with good intent so we become more capable of navigating our way through inevitable sorrow, disappointment and disillusionment.  There we face a choice, whether to use our love regardless for the good of all and try to be a catalyst for improvement or whether to withdraw and be alone. Two major events this month are the summer solstice and elections.  Are we able to maintain our love of all and to keep our internal strength so we listen to our heart to know what we consider to be right, or will we sell out others in the interest of ourselves?

Maintaining our capacity to love within the chaos surrounding us is never easy. The peace that passes all understanding is not logical, it is focused beyond the circumstance of the moment and works into the potentials that are being catalyzed by the experience.  None of us should go it alone but strive to be a part of the all one.  Of course this brings major problems and administrative chaos in its wake and only if we ride the waves are we able to create new solutions in spite of the fear or apparent lack.  We live in the shadow of our ‘old’ model until the ‘new’ model is made known to us.

To listen to the heart requires us to see the bigger picture and to hear, see and feel past the desires of our ego.   We work to maintain calm moment to moment and to have detached compassion towards ourself and all others.  This is why meditation is such a powerful tool, it teaches us to quiet the mind into a stillness that offers a better ability to hear our truth. This detached compassion offers a neutrality that is open to new form. It is a vital component of change. If we find our detached compassion within, we access our truth more easily.

An illustration is to be found everywhere in nature if we but look.  When I was in Canada I watched salmon as they made their return upriver.  Jumping up waterfalls and overcoming rapids.  Previously when they had swam down river they knew their feeding grounds were to be found in the sea.  When they return they have to draw deep on their own reserves of experience, wisdom and sustain themselves prior to moving forward once more as they die to the old to be reborn in their updated version of themselves.

We’re all moving into new environments and new groupings where the old ways will no longer work.  We need each other as we form updated teams to manifest updated ways of moving forward that are in the best interests of all.  We cross reference as we check on each other so we fertilize our new roles even if we do not exactly know what they are as yet.  Exciting and different so old solutions are no longer effective.  What an amazing month June is this year, as well as the summer solstice we have a Blue Moon that is when two full moons occurring in the same month, the summer solstice and the EU Referendum voting day.  It will potentially change our experiences.  As ever don’t overlook the modest or the humble while heading for the highest common denominator.  This necessitates keeping a watch on self indulgence. 

Understand we can combine the heaven and the earth if we have a mind to. We can ask our Higher mind or Solar Angel for help and for their blessings.  Use the words “I am open to beneficial change.”  We are integrating all that we can be as per our original divine blueprint to come back into physical expression as we unite our non-physical aspects and merge them with our physical expression.  Many folk have been having throat disturbances as this form of expressing ourselves comes more into the forefront of our life.  It brings with it more peace, we forgive more easily as we focus on solutions rather than problems.  We look beyond the obvious and trust ourselves to embrace diversity as we release trying to control the uncontrollable.  We can change our neural patterns as well as our behavioral patterns and as we are interconnected beings the changes ripple out and as a result our lives are changed.  The more work we do the more our world improves - how exciting is that?

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  • Bernadette said

    Thought provoking as always, and harmonic. The tension, the unity and the opportunity to effect change also holds the possibility of serving and love. It's not a done deal, but it is given by our very nature of embodiment. Thank you Judy for the offer, the promise and the hope that we / I can make a difference not just once in the blue moon but right now during this multiple moon phenomenon.

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