The end of the old, the beginning of the new!

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Time to gain new perspectives and catch up with where we are now.  To enable this we may have ‘run old tapes’ through our hearts and our heads.  Perhaps we have needed to sit back and review things we know to be ‘wrong’ for us now, even if they may still be ‘right’ for others they are not our remit any longer.   This process enables us to catch up with ourselves and free everyone, ourselves included.  We may be tempted to want to assess another even when we may think that what is being impressed on us belongs to their life rather than our own.  We wont want to mock or humiliate them, or to feel that way ourself at this time. We need to ‘butt out’ so as to manage our own affairs rather than those belonging to another. No guilt trips or hanging on, we need to surrender all as we seek what comes next rather than what once was.   We have been delving into history and our association with life on Earth as we have known it, now we seek a lighter carbon footprint at all levels of being in the upcoming year.  The past is just that, we can’t go back into it we have to surrender all, ourselves included to the Management Upstairs and to the Earth Mother.  Many have experienced stomach ache or digestive disorder during this past month.
Time to be more aware, we bless all who have sought us out and perhaps hope that state of affairs will continue, but there are no guarantees nor insurance policies.  When we move and evolve we may move onto a different octave to that of others.  It is not better or worse, just different.  With work we become more modest and humble we may even change occupation or location on occasion.  Perhaps we need a bit of a shake up as we are reminded of past issues we have faced.  To gain perspective we need monitoring by people we trust, this enables us to gain an honest but different perspective.  It is essential we are monitored and reminded by those who are a true friend or mentor.  One who is willing to, on occasion, to be unpopular so as to give us an honest appraisal and a more comprehensive viewpoint with which to work.
A mentor will never tell us what to do but they will just have a look around inside us so as to sweep or question dark corners we may have been ignoring!  They are modest and never after admiration.  Although they do not primp or preen they are little involved with an external look beyond wanting all to be healthy.  They are neutral, polite and blend in as they are unattached to outcome. They keep a low profile for years as they serve their apprenticeship at every level, and they never dictate policy.    The irony being people will recognize them and seek them out leaving those who make a big noise about how good they are far behind!   The sad truth is, we very rarely use our intelligence to benefit all life. Usually we are just reactive to our own circumstances like a programmed animal. We use our intelligence in a cunning way, to get what we want - to tell ourselves (our ego) what it wants to hear. In so doing we to often dismiss those who could have helped us in favor of those who are flag waving.  What a waste of potential.
If we are under the guidance of our Higher Self the ego is just a tool in our toolbox.  It is important , as it is the way we relate to others and what attracts one to another, more than that it is superfluous to requirement.  When at a crossroads, as most of us are at present, a teacher of mine once said ‘if in doubt take the harder pathway’.  Why? I pondered this for years before understanding that the easy path was often a compromise or self-indulgent.  It allowed one to be out of integrity and do what we wanted.  Sometimes, if asked we need to make waves as we do our very best for all.  Goodwill does not mean being falsely sweet it requires us to be real and truthful. 
A friend of mine sent a quote to me the other day;  The Master DK said that 'The only true Peace is the Peace of Purpose' and this puts a very new sway on that term Peace. I would guess that the same goes for Love, and Light, and Grace, and Tolerance.  Good guidelines in the service of the Earth are respect and care.  The instructions come from the MU who sets policy, the Earth Mother administers that policy and periodically re -organizes resources so they are utilized in the service of all.  We honor our lineage in this way and in the fullness of time open our heart and soul, spiritually.  All life is sacred and all needs to be respected.  We’re entitled to take what we need but we try to take no more.  We encourage people to accept they will find their own answers within themselves no-one needs to dictate to another.   We practice giving thanks for what each new day brings.  We speak our truth if asked but phrase it as best we can for the good of all.  We find we speak less but we say so much more!  We try to follow natural rhythms appropriate like rising with the sun being active then resting after the sun goes down.  If we follow the tides at all levels of being we know when to lead and when to follow.  In this way we don’t command that which is outside our remit.  It has been described as enjoying life’s journey as best we are able but leaving no tracks.
Scientists have now proved that there are cosmic magnetic waves and have even recorded their landing on the Earth.  This is causing big upheavals and the administration and organization of how things are can be observed in all areas, weather, politics, finance etc. etc. are all being affected.  It is up to us to co-operate, re-centre ourselves and surrender to what is required now.  We have a contribution to make which may have changed its form so we open ourselves to adapting our skills and abilities to serve life as best we are able.  The old chapter is being released and the new one is on its way!  As long as we are not seeking personal power nor are we seeking fame through our personal ambition,  and we are not greedy we can safely wait in the space.  We quietly seek what we think we need and are patient until the next step is obvious and relatively easy.
Spiritually and Health March 14, 2016 at 7.30 pm
Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent’s Park Road London, NW1 7AY
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Passionate about people and health three experienced health practitioners get together to discuss how health requires differing facets to maintain itself.   Judy Fraser who introduced Second Aid supporting those going through major change, how to reconnect hope and not give up until revised structures proved stable for those in transition  Guru Dharam Khalsa, described by Amazon as the official No 1 Sikh instigated Kundalini Medicine to expand consciousness of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with the more empirically proven systems of holistic medicine.  
Tonight they are joined by recently retired GP Dr Les Ashton who has previously worked with both the Asylum Seekers and the Homeless communities.  Actively involved in GP Education, Primary Care Mental Health and Patient Relationship / Dynamics, he has written  on 'Expertise in Consulting Skills’ and continues to coach and mentor.  Les has also brought his entrepreneurial experience to setting up and running a very successful internet 'First Edition’ Book business.

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  • Paramanandadivine said

    Always thought provoking and spirit stirring, Judy's insights have again given me much to reflect upon, providing some sense in a seemingly senseless time. Sat Nam.

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