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Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Do we have the willingness to face the shadows that guard each gate of wisdom?  Can we be relatively calm in the face of every challenge we meet? The wise soul knows that we die many times within our lives (child to adult, adult to elder and so on)  As we do move from one stage to another we shed the ‘clothes’ that no longer fit at all levels of being, as do all others involved.  We retain what we need in order to serve and discard all else.  Unwittingly we keep within us the imprint of the last time we met an earthmoving incident.  As we meet a situation that shakes us profoundly we recall all the knowledge and feelings from ‘now’ time and previous incidents as well, then we work to retain the useful and let go of all else.
As you know we have had eclipses and a full moon along with Wesak this past month.  Weak is often referred to as the festival of the Buddha.  It was he who demonstrated the wisdom path, and the middle way.  To assess what that represents for us now requires independent thinking with no blind following.  We learn to be complete within the self but also able to mix with others in teams that serve, and only to communicate at whatever level is required and appropriate to the time.
Nine days before the first Nepal earthquake my youngest son Andy who is an Intrepid Medic was working for Global Rescue as a Senior Specialist and paramedic, He was preparing to provide support during the Himalayan climbing season and was among the foreigners in Nepal who experienced the earthquake. Andy, who had been working out of the Bangkok Operations Centre, specialises in remote area work and recently spent six months working in Zambia helping to train police, fire brigade and safari guides in wilderness trauma medicine. Andy previously served as a member of the Solo Rapid Response Unit with the London Ambulance Service, and has worked throughout in the Middle East and China.  Below Andy shares some thoughts on being one of the first responders in the midst of the devastation.  ‘I was in Lukla at first light on Sunday morning, triaging sherpas and climbers being brought down from Everest. It was relentless, with helicopters constantly bringing in casualties. I triaged in the helicopters as policemen stretchered the people into the airport building which we had been commandeered and made into a field hospital.   The injuries were traumatic in nature due to the avalanche – lots of fractured legs, arms, backs, necks and head injuries. Dr. Monica from Lukla hospital and I ran the operation. We triaged approximately 200 cases in 24 hours.’   If you are interested the initial triage can be found on uTube under Nepal Earthquake - Triage.
Holding Light while in the thrall of darkness is what we all need to learn to do.  As a result of the quake the Earth Mother has literally moved, it is reported that “ In the case of Kathmandu, the tectonic plate under the city shifted southwards 10 feet over another plate along an ancient Himalayan fault line, releasing a seismic shock wave with the strength of "more than 20 thermonuclear weapons” so geologists say.  Everest remains the same height.   This suggests that as we we hold the highest spiritual standard we are capable of reaching we also must examine and release as many shadows as we are able to, and at the same time practice any skills we are trained within.  The subtle fields are electric in nature whereas the Earth magnetically shifts us into new positions and realities, like it or not.  For me as we waited for news I was reminded of when two of my children had meningitis and as I observed others going about their normal routines.  I found it difficult to understand why everything had changed for me and my family and nothing seemed changed for others.  As a result of this international disaster things have to change for ever for all those involved on a huge scale.
All people, partnerships, communities and nations have both light and shadow within them.  The higher self with its sense of loving, over-lighting and purpose and the human self with shadows and unconscious agendas arising from within the darkness.  This duality is within us all and needs to find resolution if we are to live with ourselves let alone mix with others.


We ‘see’ and are attracted to someone, somewhere or something as we observe  a potential for expansion, the honeymoon effect and this may last days, weeks or even years.  Eventually  the shadow begins to be observed or is awakened and we will be asked to work through it taking what is essence and releasing what is effluent from within ourself. To take responsibility we must forgive ourselves and all others be they partners or colleagues, communities or countries.    This is not an either/or exercise it has to be all (self included) if we are to be freed from past behaviours and past wounds.   No opposing sides only compliment one to another.  If we are not able to do this, or one is and another isn’t then there has to be a parting of the ways.
Our higher self aims to love, over-light, be wise in the use of knowledge, it asks us to have intelligence in understanding.  If we choose service we forgive and commit in joy to the service we find  being pro-offered as best we are able. To be selfless, courageous and conscious then we evolve as do all others.  To enable this the shadow which comprises jealousy, envy, greed, avarice, fear, insecurity, selfishness, excessive desire, pride and so on must be faced and converted to compassion in the service to others.  Blaming and judging others is not the way to go, if we work within the self eventually our external reality will change so will those of the people we attract towards us.  It takes courage to face shadows but it must be done if we are to serve to our highest level.  We’ve all met ‘real’ people who are projecting a ‘plastic’ image - it is not a convincing message is it?
IF we choose to take ‘conscious’ co-operative co-creative responsibility and to pool all resources in the service of others we commit to the service of the race, that will start within the self but it will pass to families, communities even nations. We partner whoever and whatever compliments the efforts of all without condemning  as we unite in common purpose sometimes sacrificing the self in service of others.  Life has a habit of taking unexpected turns.  A professor of geology was saying that the Earth really has moved consequently the magnetic fields (ley lines) have altered considerably.  We need to keep contact with our Higher self as we rebalance and anchor within our new status on the Earth Mother.
Finally one a personal note,  my thanks to friends and colleagues who immediately agreed to create a meditation group for my son, his colleagues and all those who were suffering.  That produced a bank of spiritual energy they could  draw upon as it was needed.  Their care concern and generosity of spirit has been seriously impressive.  My son is now back in Bangkok catching up on sleep I hope.  He was withdrawn just prior to the second major quake  Respect and love to my extended family each taking on a role and working seamlessly with each other, wow I’m glad I did something to deserve all of you.  To the friends I’ve ignored and neglected while all this has been going on my apologies,  There is a time to be working ‘out there’ and a time to close ranks and this was one of those times.   May we all wise up literally!  Blessings ..........

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  • Jackie Wakeford-Smith said

    Respect to your son! Service in the public sector has been the biggest learning ground and biggest blessing in my life. I hold the utmost respect and gratitude to those who serve in this area. Bless him and thank you for sharing, it takes a wonderful mother to raise a wonderful man. Bless you too! Simranjeet Kaur

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