Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Following on from the equinox and the eclipses many people experienced feelings of limitation.   We may have felt disempowered even depressed as a result.  Depression results from the repression of creative energy which is now seeking an outlet, so it helps us to recollect and recognise where we are now rather than where we once were.  The lower depressed states of consciousness have been easily observable both from within our own lives and through collective states that proved newsworthy.  We have no choice but to understand that we are not in control of our life at a human level, and life is fragile in the sense we do not know what is going to happen. 
A collective initiation means that deformation must take place prior to reformation being made possible.  And it encourages us to make our spiritual life our priority over all else, doing that return us to the flow of the path of returning to Source and allows our internal Light to burn bright.  As we observe others we find they greet us not as strangers but from a soul level,  all are relieved and revived as a result.  It is encouraging for all parties as the living dead have lost one of their number!
We have examined our past and potentially laid it to rest.  No longer are we so ignorant, fear filled or prideful.  The new moon on March 20 activated old shadows whereas the full moon eclipse on April 4 can lead us to huge expansion.  The alternative is to stick where we are and go around the old wheel once more rather than being centred in soul.  So it is important that we complete and lay to rest the old cycles of limitation and move into a higher and deeper levels of consciousness.
Fear, pride, ambition and ignorance get in our way and represent us with old pain that has now outlived its usefulness.  Time to bless it and all parties involved and to move on.  If we prepare inwardly we are able to keep going however tough it is so in time we will arrive in a new place.  The ego has to become a tool for the soul, so egos have to be humbled.  If we undertake this work we become more soul infused as a result of which transformation and change occur naturally.  
‘Blessed are the pure in heart’ is a well known instruction and only when that work is undertaken can we love more unconditionally.  The transpersonal, the heart and the head must align.  We over complicate and dramatise issues prior to them becoming simple once more but only then will inner strength, wisdom and love result.  What greater service can there be?
Do we have the eyes to see?  The ears to hear?  And are we working with a Light touch?  Are we working to release the dogma of the past and to move beyond ancient boundaries?  If not we are re-locked into the past patterns.  
This beam of Light move from the base of the spine up the channels that are rather like a library of old emotions, to the back of the head, then onto the brow when it moves through the head via the crown and so to the soul.  If prepared for and the channels cleared we are lifted up and are freed from all that is no longer relevant.  Our world changes as a result.  Of course the Earth itself is going through this process too and the only service we can give to it is to sort ourselves out.  In that way we align with the Great Beings.  As a result we willingly co-operate and start to co-create, now in parallel with what is to come rather than reigniting old wars. .  We are in partnership (albeit the junior partner) with the Management Upstairs.
My meditation teacher explained it to me saying “Imagine you worked in a solicitors office as a junior partner.  You are there working hard, getting cases ready and tying them up with pink ribbon.  Then you get challenged and are shaken to your core.  You phone the senior partner who is playing golf and having a good time while you are rapidly experiencing pain and suffering.  He/she immediately comes to your aid and the matter is cleared quickly and easily.  All your resentment is gone and you are left humble and grateful.  The senior partners only comment is “I never stop thinking and meditating wherever I am as to how I can serve us all to our optimum capacity”  Now all can move on in a more contented fashion. 
When confused or frustrated we are unwilling to bear the discomfort of simply not knowing what comes next.  We need to move into this place of confusion to allow the deep wisdom of the new cycle to arise within.  Only then can we discern our path ahead.   We may not know where we’re headed, but we will most certainly know how to get there if we simply wait patiently, listen carefully and act upon guidance received in the quiet of our still but awakening heart.  Something is forming, slowly but surely, and we need to wait and see what it is before we commit to the path ahead.  What needs conversion right now is the release of shame which is a disconnector whereas love connects.  So shame needs to be faced and converted into courage and wholeness.  We feel shame having judged ourselves or others as not ‘good enough’ while inexperienced and learning.  Time for that view tochange!  Forgiveness of the self is vital at this time, give all old issues to the Management Upstairs and feel the love that results.  No need to rerun lessons already learned so wait in trust to see what comes. While waiting list your hopes for the self, the family and renew interests and work commitments, then ‘do the day’.

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