Time to join the ‘oh sod it’ club with innocence and awe

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

This is literal in the sense we must be a part of the Earth and just as the sods of the Earth represent the solid stance  so as to enable us to jump into another dimension, we must go down before we can move upwards and onwards.  It will dredge up old memories, old insecurities and old pain,  but behind that comes the enchantment of the new, and a solid base from which to operate as well as new joys to experience.

As we begin to let go of the past and welcome the new we start to move with the turning tides and shift into a different dynamic as a result.  It has required us to let go of all familiar safety nets.  While this process has been a work in action we can have felt raw and vulnerable, insecure and unsure of anything.  To make the impossible possible we are being compelled to release all notions of what we think we know or knew about life to date.  We’ve been moved into that void space between old and new regimes and have no idea what will come to replace the familiar.

It has involved all levels of being spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical to give us the choice of letting new Light into the densest part of our bodies.  This often affects the very base of our spine as we cut cords that have bound us to the past.  No holding on or holding back much as we think we might like to.  Anything that holds on or holds back represents duality.  We cannot unite the spiritual into the physical while we try to insure against possible loss.

When we know we are not in control of how we think things should be, nor do we try to manipulate ourselves into positions that have brought us comfort in the past we are free within the limitations we may encounter. If we hold on we are not in a space that can influence anything or anyone.  We must start with ourselves.  One of the best prayers at this time is “I will to will thy will; I do to do thy doing; I be to be thy being.”  Then we admit that while we once knew what was required now we no longer have a clue.  We ask to be shown the way and what is required NOW.  Then we get off the case and observe in the everyday who we meet, what is asked of us, what we want to ask of others and gradually we collect clues one by one until we gain an updated perspective.  We state what we think we need, we listen to what others have to say then gentle step by gentle step we establish what is possible and what is just a pipe dream.  We can only play our part, we cannot and should not play the parts that are assigned to others.  Together we start to make a new cohesive unit which may be made up from some people from our past and probably more of those we do not know as yet.

A Light touch and a sense of humour are essential tools within our toolbox.  There are those who try to dictate terms and try to dominate others.  We all grow at different rates and that is not right or wrong,  we  just need to weed out which bits are for us.   We begin to find the people we bond with now and where we can operate in relative safety without harming the efforts of other.  As we detach so we find those  we should ‘hang out’ with now and who we should leave to their own devizes for we are no longer a part of their unit anymore than they are a part of ours.  Then we wait to she shown when and how we should take a next step.  As we clear the space so the new can enter in.  The new may come in many forms all that is required of us is that we are open to being shown.  Once we understand that we know nothing,  only then can we be led onward and upward.  Trust and accept nothing is as it once was and that all is being made new.   We can discern and discriminate and trust we are able to walk the new path with hope, willingness and love in our heart.

Suggested self check:

In our reality what do we refuse to be a part of any longer?

Have we established our choices for the current time period?

Do these choices incorporate both head and heart?

Consider how they limit some aspects and yet expand others.  Have you verbalised them or written them down to clarify them?

Do you feel you are aligned with soul intention at both the subtle and physical levels of being

What intentions do you plan for this year?

Spring equinox and The International Day of Happiness allow us to adapt our mind set have you checked the alignment of your own?

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