A non residential UK module is usually offered in London in November each year.

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The last module offered in London was MODULE 3 Vision of the Twisted Hair.


A Twisted Hair is the title given to an indigenous person who has been sent from their clan - say Buffalo - to learn the Medicine of another clan - say Bear - and bring it back to share and weave into a Twisted hair or luminous thread of wisdom. 

We have Kundalini - or another form of - Yoga as our base and we learn Ayurveda and the wisdom of Oriental medicine to illuminate and deepen our Yogic wisdom and then apply it therapeutically. In this module we focus on the origin, causes and symptoms together with yogic approaches (acupressure points, diet, household herbs, yoga and meditation) for healing these conditions.

Deepen your understanding of Kundalini Yoga.



Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 







Amma/ Dampness/Phlegm

High and Low Blood Pressure

*This is Module 3 of 7. Each module is complete in itselfso that you can attend as many as you wish in any order you choose.


The series is designed for yoga teachers from all traditions, alternative therapists, counselors, energy healers, paramedics, medical personnel and anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of Kundalini Yoga more deeply. *Each module is complete so that you can attend them in any order you choose.



We examine the different bio-systems of the human body from a holistic paradigm, presenting them both in health and harmony and in disease and disharmony. The student receives a series of clear, user friendly, energetic models and techniques to view, assess and treat the 8 chakras, the 10 bodies, and the 14 meridians. You learn how to take a case history, how the 5 colors refract through the body-mind and how numerology affects a patient’s interactions with key life cycles.

The extensive course curriculum also covers the subtle anatomy and physiology of the energy maps from the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. It includes study of the energetic physiology and pathology of and specific interventions for many conditions including stress, burnout, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, life transitions and other common ailments.

Yoga postures and sets (called “kriyas”) specifically selected to accelerate the healing process

Meditations to cleanse the subconscious of mental debris and self-limiting patterns

Acupressure points to balance and stimulate the chakras and the meridians

How to add or remove heat, cold, dryness, dampness and wind from the body

Spiritual symbols and affirmations to create healing and mental rejuvenation

Yogic dietary principles, nutrition and household herbs

Understand the subtle mechanics and therapeutic application of Kundalini Yoga in a dynamic and innovative presentation



The course is certified by Kundalini Medicine * .

The entire training consists of 7 modules and is an 800 hour course including 100 hours of anatomy, physiology and practicum.

*  We have applied to register the program with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.



Other Modules Pending

Module 1    Dragon Lines: the Oriental Energetic Matrix     No dates pending in the UK

To find out more and to book this module please click here

Each module is complete in itself so you do not have to attend them in sequence.


Module 1 DRAGON LINES Overview:

An overview of the connection between the 3 primary theoretical bases of the course: Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine and Kundalini Yoga.
Law of Polarity
Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
Projection and Receptivity (avoiding burnout)
Energy Maps
Emotions and the Psychology of Organs
Acupressure/ Marma points
Hands on/off energy healing


Recommended reading:

The Kundalini Yoga Experience GDS Khalsa and D O'Keeffe
Second Aid Judy Fraser
The Anonymous Mystic Judy Fraser
Meditation as Medicine Dr Dharma Khalsa
Chinese Medicine; the Web that has no Weaver Ted Kaptchuk
Introduction to Ayurveda.  Dr Vasant Ladd
The Ancient Art of Self Healing Yogi Bhajan
(All other books by Yogi Bhajan are also recommended)

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