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    I attended the introductory to Kundalini Yoga weekend Retreat and boy did I experience what it's like to live in a Heart Centred World!!! So much generosity in giving without expected returns, I felt so warmly welcomed in so many ways that I felt so very much at home. The graduating students Kriya practices were presented with a knowing sense of understanding that these practices felt fully embodied and with passion the truth of these practices were revealed...I am seriously considering registering to do the teacher training practices myself, Thank you from a grateful Heart all that I received this weekend it has affected my on a very deep and profound level With Love to expanding consciousness and open heartedness being truly evident at i-SKY.........

    Joanna Hamer

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    Uplifting and wise

    I very much enjoyed my time at Ufton Court and see things differently now.


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    From Frog to Princess

    Wahe Guru! That’s a change of website presentation! Really beautiful, clear and inspiring. Congratulations. The only low key to me is the distracting column on the right. A bit like a fly on your nose when you deeply meditate ;). Although I never get a reply when writing to Darryl, I want to believe that my previous comments on the previous website a couple of years ago has been helpful and supportive in the creation of this one :) It’s good to receive appreciation, even if it’s just coming from oneself ;) Keep up the great work! Darryl replies: You too - please email admin@i-sky.net and I will reply

    Siri Shabd Singh

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    New Year Retreat

    The whole experience was amazing. Starting from the care and kindness of the reception who did the very best to accommodate us very well. The retreat was a joy, wonderful healthy food made with love and attention to detail. The students were so kind and the yoga classes were excellent, did not dare to say there were just graduating, for me they were long time teachers. And to open the event with golden key was the Kamari project with conscious dance and sound, so so good. I also love the fire and wishing ceremonies for 2015 and the most profound and transformative experience of the gong bath and meditation to open 2015 with an Aquarian soul and heart! Thank you so much all that, my family needed, we feel ready for 2015!

    Rajdeep Kaur

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    June Retreat

    I can't tell you how much I loved the retreat. I went in with an open mind not sure what to expect but was blown away by the expertise of each of the trainees and how they ran their individual sessions. I also have not stopped waxing lyrical about the food. There should be a i-SKY cookbook and cookery course on the list of things you offer as the food was out of this world. A fabulous experience. One I'll not forget in a hurry. Thank you. EDITORS NOTE: Raw food workshop during MeToWe 22-24 August - see /events

    Sue Donnelly

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    Happy 21st Birthday i-SKY

    I first met Darryl O’Keeffe and Judy Fraser 22 years ago. I first met Darryl O'Keeffe when he was instructing an advanced class in Spiritual Healing. He was an excellent, inspiring teacher, both with this and later when I attended my first kundalini yoga class with him. I had always found yoga just a little bit boring before I discovered kundalini yoga. It was exciting, powerful, transformative and fulfilling in so many ways. It has accompanied me on my journey ever since. I did the SKY training courses to deepen my understanding of this form of yoga and on completion, with no previous intention, found myself taking classes myself. Whilst I no longer do this my experience with KY has become a part of me and has proved invaluable as a support in my daily life, health and well-being. I had been searching and exploring for many years before I met Judy Fraser. From the very first workshop I attended I knew I’d finally found what I’d been looking for. Everything she said just clicked and she worked on a completely different level from anything I had experienced before. Judy helped me to make a sense of it all – to understand and release so much that had been holding me back. I obtained the framework, trust and confidence to move on as my link with the MU become stronger than I had ever imagined possible and the healing work I did evolved into what I now understand to be a kind of overshadowing during the healing act. Judy is a unique and extraordinarily gifted lady and I feel blessed and most fortunate to have been able to learn from and be guided by her.

    Denise Whitworth

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    Happy 21 years birthday i-sky

    Darryl, your lecture about Japji was so strong that I did it for thousand days. Guru Dharam, I have been with you in both level 1 and 2. Now I have to think about the next steps... Love and Light to both of you. Sat Nam

    Dharam Roop

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    Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructors Course at Ufton Court, Reading. UK

    I have arrived home safely from the Kundalini yoga retreat. Thank you for making me so welcome. I listened to the CD from your shop all the way back and sang along with it. I was home so quickly! I learned a lot. Every time I was given information I felt it was 'right' I didn't struggle with it. It was delivered in such a way that I felt I'd always known it. It was a 'drawing out' not a 'stuffing in'. Which is what teaching is supposed to be about. Thank you.... thank you..... thank you.....

    Christine Whitehead

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    New Year Retreat

    The new year retreat was a truly deep experience, in company of very caring and attentive 'graduates' from i-sky, as well as the others who all made it special to welcome the new year. The gong music was simply heavenly. Great. Thank you all. Mita and Raimund

    mita Castle-Kanerova

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    Love the website

    I really do love the website

    New Friend

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    New year retreat

    Thanks for a very special two days, continuing my practice! Love and peace to all of the amazing people I connected with. Selinex

    Seline Shaw

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    Sat Nam, lovely peeps still buzzing from the Summer retreat at Ufton.Court. Connected with other lovely souls, had amazing food made with love( Neena and Holly) in particular. Great new teachers and can hardly wait until next time! Love 'n light Karen <3691

    karen Barry

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    Level 1 Teacher Training Course

    Doing the Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course was a life-changing experience for me. I had been going to classes for four years before making the decision to sign up, so was already familiar with the benefits that KY offers. Doing this course has enhanced my personal yoga practice to a new level, and I am now much better equipped to meet the challenges of Life in a positive manner and to learn from them. It has not always been an easy journey, but I would not hesitate to say it has been, and continues to be, the most wonderful experience you could wish for.

    Cathy Sorflaten

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    i-SKY - Happy 21st Birthday

    Thanks to i-SKY I have been able to experience a never-ending neutral love. There is nothing better in my experience. During training old patterns fell away and we all blossomed. I have been able to see myself honestly and embrace all of me. Relationships, perspectives, energy, all improved. At the end of training I glowed, attracting all that was right for me. I was filled with trust in the world. It is more than visionary to establish such a school. It is courageous and committed. Darryl,The Livtar's Guru Dharam, Benjahmin (and other students) are the conduits that bring the tool box that is Kundalini Yoga. Whatever ails- there is something in the tool box to help. Its strong enough to sustain you way after the training ends, if you allow it. I had no idea what was coming next- without this training, and its ability to heal, I would not have survived what did. I am forever grateful. I-sky are there if I email. Darryl reminds me to Keep Up. They are fortification of joy, grit, growth accompanying me in spirit, called upon whenever I need. Its massive. Students continue to grow me- bringing me dark gifts such as stress, broken hearts, mitochondrial sickness, ovarian cancer, thyroid, interview nerves; they name it, and we work on it together. And all the while behind this ongoing practise, behind I-sky's invaluable school, are Yogi Bhajan's teachings. He is - in my minds eye- as he was the day my training ended. I was snivelling into my tissue. . I had felt suddenly afraid - that the love would end with my training. He was belly laughing at me "Its just beginning ..." he roared. I have kept the tissue. He has kept his word. Love is the word. xx

    Anna Ward

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    i-SKY New Year Retreat 2013

    Thank you all for the beautiful New Year Retreat - I'm released, reviewed and thoroughly renewed!!! Love to you all, sat nam xxx

    Sara Campbell

  • derivation of symbols on the 10 bodies

    Guru Dharam Khalsa or Darryl O'Keeffe Could you please tell me the derivation of the symbols for the 10 bodies in your book The Kundalini Yoga Experience? I can't find these anywhere else in my KY references. Did it come from YB or conscious communication or your creative mind? Many thanks, Mantra Simran Singh ((( Darryl writes: Credit here is due to Creative Mind )))

    Mantra Simran Singh

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    New Year Retreat

    I thoroughly enjoyed my NY with the i-SKY crew and would be happy to join a future event Much love and Happy New Year

    Mark Maybank

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    Teacher's Retreat Saturday 14th June

    Thank you for a lovely day at the Teacher's Retreat. I thought everyone did incredibly well and felt both nurtured and looked after. Well done i-Sky you've done it again. xx

    Thea Khwaja

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    I don't like your website. I find it manipulative in it's use of a poem from a cancer awareness campaign. Your paragraphs of 'be the best you can be' surely promote competitiveness rather than dissuade people from a competitive nature which is one of the things I always believed yoga to be about . You seem to be more concerned with business and marketing than a genuine experience. ((( Darryl writes: Thank you M Sparkes for the 2*yogi rating - quite generous for a website you don't like, if I may say so. The poem espouses how we have always felt and where something has come from is less relevant than where it is going to. This is a business but it is based not on marketing but on the experiences offered - which have proven to be worthwhile for many people over several decades now. I genuinely wish for you to be the best you can be, not so you can compete more with other people but so you are blessed to fulfill your infinite potential - which is what I believe yoga to be about )))

    M Sparkes

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    I love SKY

    Where would I be without my level 1 KY training with Darryl and Guru Dharam, both of whom knew I was going to be a healer before it had even occurred to me! Happy birthday SKY. You led me quietly through the course without judgement or criticism. A great preparation for the much tougher level 2. I will always be grateful to you both for setting me on this beautiful path.

    Seva Simran Kaur

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    I Highly recommend training here

    I would highly recommend training with i-SKY I completed level 1 and 2 with another school and sat in with others schools too all of which were amazing and life affirming- that’s kundalini yoga for you too! i-SKY though I have had the blessing to experience modules of both level one and two here and I am deeply grateful to the trainers, Darryl and BenJamin and the community. They feel like real people, I suppose I mean approachable. There is a down to earth approach , an acceptance of human nature and a deep trust in the infinite. All are held and supported in a heart centred authenticity. The location is in beautiful grounds,The food was great, and you will get to do Sadhana with some heavenly music- including BenJamins! Yet to go back for other Sadhana music experience but I hope it won’t be too long! Thank you thank you thank you 🙏x

    Ally Osborne

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    Happy New Year - Release, Review, Renew

    I was so happy to reconnect with Darryl and Elena ten years after my level 1, and to share these two very special evenings with so many totally radiant, fun, open and loving people. I couldn't imagine a more perfect place to see in a New Year. Thank you, to everyone who made it happen, from the bottom of my heart <3 I wish I didn't live so far away….

    Sara Campbell

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    The summer retreat was amazing,the food was excellent,the teachers were very welcoming and helpful and the workshops were very well lead in a very confident way,it was All round a great weekend xx

    julie stevens

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    Yoga Teacher Training

    'The entire experience was fantastic and such a profound journey of personal growth and transformation. The full teaching team was incredibly supportive and was always on hand to guide where necessary; not only during the teaching weekends but also in between, which was fantastic as there was always lots of questions to ask. Lots of friends have been made and I am very grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me. If you are considering KY teacher training, I would highly recommend I-SKY. The residential aspect offers a unique experience and the teachers are inspiring.'

    Jonathan Hourihan

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    Thank you so much for this life enhancing experience! I was so very grateful that you allowed me to join in so late into the proceedings :) I felt welcome as soon as I walked through the door! I didn't know anyone when I arrived on the Wednesday night, and knew almost everyone by the time I left on Thursday :) everything about it, from the flow of practises, to the open hearted people to the amazing food, I felt absolutely blessed going into 2015. I am so appreciative that I have found your community and look forward to being a part of it as the future unfolds. Thank you.

    Carolyn Sykes

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    Team i-SKY

    The teaching team at i-SKY are inspirational, dedicated and have years of knowledge and experience to share. Equally important they are approachable, and deliver the course with wit, truth and heartfelt interest in your journey. Resources are excellent and what you take away from your time with i-SKY will stay with you forever! Sat Naam :)

    Suzi * Shabd Prem

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