Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Retreat - Authentic Relationships - Warsaw. Poland


International Level 2 Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga

6-11 FEBRUARY 2024


AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS with yourself, with others.…


💚A unique approach from two perspectives , which responds to the needs of our times - by two teachers who give us deep insights into relationships from the perspective of female and male energy - Andrea Bhavdeep, an experienced psychologist and teacher trainer , and Guru Dharam, a Teacher well known worldwide.

💖Deep transformation and healing , acceptance, tolerance, openness and support - this is what you will experience at this course .


The course is for all those who:
    - want to understand the essence of their relationships in the past and present
    - want to cleanse and heal the heart from the wounds of love
    - want to develop relationships with themselves and others using effective, proven techniques
    - are suffering from a relationship crisis or lack of relationships
    - love yoga as a set of techniques for self-management
    - may be teachers of kundalini yoga or other techniques for working with the body and mind
The course is part of the Level 2 certification for Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

💙Topics you will dive into:

- What is an authentic relationship and what isn't?
- Refer to your soul as the foundation of authentic relationships.
- Understand the special challenges of long-term relationships .
- Identify common causes of relationship failure.
- Develop self-love as the key to authentic relationships.
- Learn about our basic paradox and transform it from a problem to an opportunity.
- Create a conscious relationship with your masculine and feminine energies.
- Be the light in your community.

💙 This is a deeply transformative workshop

The course is one of five modules of Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.
Guru Dharam and Andrea Bhavdeep of the i-SKY School in London ( www.i-sky.net ) will guide us, in a spirit of openness, acceptance and freedom, in a kind community of practitioners.
This workshop is open to non-kundalini yoga teachers who want to learn about Authentic Relationships through in-depth yoga practice, meditation and group work.

Place: Fairy Tale Farm ( Bajkowa Zagroda) 

near Radzymin near Warsaw, Poland; accommodation in rooms 2-4 persons, delicious vegetarian & vegan cuisine. www.bajkowazagroda.pl


course conducted in English, with translation into Polish.


Program (6 days of workshops / 62 hours , textbook in English, Kundalini Research Institute certificate of completion of the module for teachers ) 2560 PLN net, when you book and pay the deposit until December 15th, 2023.
After 15.12.2023 - the cost of the program is 2990 PLN net.

Accommodation and meals:

1275 PLN / 1375 PLN depending on the room ( with or without bathroom).

Information & registration:

anna.mostowicz@durantavirya.pl tel. +48 603 781 098.


send your details ( name, surname, telephone, information whether you are a KY teacher, choice of room) by email to: anna.mostowicz@durantavirya.pl and after receiving confirmation that there is a place, within 3 days please pay the deposit of 800 zł (we will email the account number).
NOTE: The place is reserved only by paying the deposit within 3 days of notification by e-mail.
The organization and atmosphere of the course is supervised by Anna Mostowicz  and Małgosia Amanbir Pawłowska - teachers/graduates of Levels 1 & 2 of  with the i-SKY school.

About the trainers:

Lead Trainer: Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa

has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1979. As director of Kundalini Medicine, he developed the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training. He is one of the few authorized Master Teachers taught directly by Yogi Bhajan. A trainer of KY Level 1 and 2 trainings, he is the author, along with Darryl O'Keefe, of the textbook "Kundalini Essence of Yoga." For more information: http://www.kundalinimedicine.com/about

Andrea Bhavdeep - psychologist, teacher trainer of the i-SKY school.
She has been practicing yoga since 2004. She started with Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga, then trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher at i-SKY in the UK and founded i-SKY Cologne in Germany in 2009.
She became a yoga therapist in 2010. She is a qualified Professional Teacher Trainer at level 1 and 2.
As a psychologist, she is able to maintain a safe and kind space for transformational processes,
that can occur during classes, workshops and trainings. She has also been a communication coach for more than 20 years, supporting people to broaden their perspective, challenge their belief systems, organize their thoughts and overcome fears and anxiety. Andrea also works as a supervisor and mediator.


Authentic Relationships: a module of level 2 Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga offered as a residential course near Warsaw in Poland. 

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Registration by e-mail: anna.mostowicz@durantavirya.pl
In response to the e-mail, we will provide the account number for payments.

If you have any questions – we will be happy to assist you:



Tel. + 48 603 781 098

Love & Light,
Małgosia Amanbir Pawłowska & Anna Mostowicz


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