Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Retreat - Conscious Communication - Warsaw. Poland


1-6 February 2022 Warsaw, POLAND


A module of level 2 Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga offered as a residential course near Warsaw in Poland. 

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Details :

Level 2 Teacher Training - Kundalini Yoga Practitioner - Conscious Communication

Date: 1-6 February 2022

Lead Trainer: Guru Dharam Singh

Location: Bajkowa Zagroda near Warsaw, a beautiful place next to a picturesque forest; accomodation in rooms 2-4 pers., www.bajkowazagroda.pl  Close to Warsaw Modlin Airport (50 min), approx 1,5 hour drive from Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Investment: 2300 PLN  net ( if advance payment made before 31.12.2021) ,  2650 PLN after 31.12.2021. The fee includes  program (62 hours), English manual, module certificate. It does not include local taxes.

Accommodation & Meals:: 885 PLN  net


YOU are invited to participate in the essential Conscious Communication Course led by two Aquarian Trainers – Guru Dharam and BenJahmin Steele. 

Conscious Communication – uplift and penetrate through the power of the word.

A human being is a transceiver that receives and transmits energy 24 hours per day. The manner in which we do this determines the quality of our communication and our relationships with each other - and the world. This course helps you locate the 'hidden self' which seeks to control your behaviour and then to break its mask, allowing your higher self to prevail in you. It is a fascinating journey into the yogic psychology of communication.

Key Topics:
• Recognize and contrast conscious communication with other types of communication
• The role of silence and shuniya in communication
• The art of deep listening—sunni-ai
• Mastering the Fifth Chakra
• Recognizing your shadow and overcoming your blocks through applied consciousness
• Communicating with the Infinite and the nature of prayer
• Learn to apply specific Kriya, Meditation and other tools to improve communication

“The strength behind communication is in its quality, not in its quantity. Your talk should be that of quality, not of quantity. You should use small sentences which say a lot. Or you should say a lot in small sentences.” - Yogi Bhajan

The course run by senior Trainers of i-SKY school of yoga enables everybody to experience openness, acceptance and freedom in a friendly community. The presence of charismatic leaders alllows the participants to safely and deeply work on difficult and crucial areas.
The course is one of the five modules of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2, and it is also available for non-teachers willing to learn the course through deeper practice of yoga and meditation. 

Course Trainers: Guru Dharam Singh and BenJahmin Steele from i-SKY school of yoga, UK (www.isky.net)

Location: Bajkowa Zagroda near Warsaw, a beautiful place next to a picturesque forest; accomodation in rooms 2-4 pers. , www.bajkowazagroda.pl
Close to Warsaw Modlin Airport ( 50 min) , approx 1 hour drive from Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Language: English, with simultaneous Polish translation.
Guru Dharam will be teaching in person 1-3 February, and BenJahmin Steele will be teaching online 4-6 February 2022.

Info : anna.mostowicz@durantavirya.pl tel. +48 603 781 098.

Programmme (6 workshop days / 62 hours , English manual, Course certificate for kundalini yoga teachers ) 2300 PLN netto when booking by December 31st 2021.
After 31 December 2021 – 2650 PLN netto.
Accommodation and meals: 885 PLN netto ( 2-4 pers. rooms)
The prices do not include local taxes.

Booking: please send an email ( name, address, phone number, and information if you are a KY teacher) to: anna.mostowicz@durantavirya.pl and as soon as you get the confirmation that we have free places- within 3 days please pay the advance to the below stated bank  account.
The advance is non-refundable in case of resignation. In case of resignation it is possible to enroll another participant instead.

Advance payment: the reservation is confirmed and guaranteed only by the payment of an advance of 600 PLN within 3 days of enrollment to bank account: Frog Project Piotr Pycha
Bank account: PL 57 1140 2004 0000 3902 8003 9254 , write” Conscious Communication” Organisation/Information: Anna Mostowicz & Małgosia Amanbir Pawłowska, graduates of Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training at I-SKY (International School of Kundalini Yoga), UK.


About the trainers:

Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa has taught Kundalini yoga since 1979. He founded the Lotus Healing Centre, a multi disciplinary holistic facility, in London in 1989 and served as the Vice Principal of the London Academy of Oriental Medicine until 1997. As a Keynote speaker on matters of health, vitality, emotional intelligence for Association of Chief Executives in the UK, 2002-2005, he served as an educator to the business and corporate community. His formal qualifications have been complemented by intensive post graduate interdisciplinary study of the esoteric; Kabbalah, Mesoamerican Shamanic Dreaming, West African healing practice and many years study of Tibetan medicine (the Mastery Path, White Lotus healing, Black Hat Feng Shui and the Red Thread empowerments).
Since 1980 Guru Dharam has developed a practical system of Yogic Therapy, applying the science of Kundalini, mantra and visualization, helping to empower many thousands of people toward a healthier and happier life.
As Director of the Kundalini Medicine initiative Guru Dharam has developed the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training as a safe, effective and therapeutic complement to the mechanics of western medical practice.
Guru Dharam is recognised as a one of the few Master Teachers taught directly by Yogi Bhajan and travels the world as such, sharing classes and workshops as well as maintaining a consultative therapeutic practice in London, New York and Sweden, where he is now resident.
Guru Dharam is registered as a Mentoring Lead Teacher Trainer (Levels 1 & 2) with the Aquarian Trainer Academy (Kundalini Research Institute U.S.A.) and is the co-author of The Kundalini Yoga Experience with Darryl O'Keeffe

 BenJahmin Steele is a Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga with I-SKY (International School of Kundalini Yoga), a musician and trained in Shakti Dance with Sara Avtar Olivier. He is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga Therapist under the guidance of Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa and with  is love of the Shabd Guru , music and singing, brings a devotional and poignant energy to his sharing of the Sacred Sciences that are Shakti Dance and Kundalini Yoga. His intuitive, compassionate and courageous approach to life aims to give the student, patient or listener an  empowering, nurturing and inspirational healing experience. 

Booking enquiries and further module information from: Anna Mostowicz

Venue information from: Kasia Kruza