Module 5    23-29 November 2015     Raj Yoga: the Sky of the Mind

Each module is complete in itself so you do not have to attend them in sequence.


Module 5 RAJ YOGA Overview:

Mind & Neuro-psychosomatics
This Module focuses on Healing the Mind exploring*:
The yogic model of Mind
Brain health. Use of breath, nutrition and herbs for maximizing your cognitive faculties
Extraction of patterns from the Limbic system
Meditation for your Mind
Understanding the human body as an integrated multidimensional cognitive biosystem
Yogic psychology and it's application to mental issues
*All of the above are examined in relation to pathology and to case histories

Module 1 DRAGON LINES Overview:

An overview of the connection between the 3 primary theoretical bases of the course: Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine and Kundalini Yoga.
Law of Polarity
Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
Projection and Receptivity (avoiding burnout)
Energy Maps
Emotions and the Psychology of Organs
Acupressure/ Marma points
Hands on/off energy healing


Module 3 Overview:

The Brain: an energetic perspective.
Approaches to the Mind
ADHD, Depression, Chronic Pain, Migraine, Insomnia
Energetic Healing Development, Shunia
Life Transitions,
Medicine Journey
Revise and apply Modules 1, 2 and 3 material to case histories and patients.


Recommended reading:

The Kundalini Yoga Experience GDS Khalsa and D O'Keeffe
Second Aid Judy Fraser
The Anonymous Mystic Judy Fraser
Meditation as Medicine Dr Dharma Khalsa
Chinese Medicine; the Web that has no Weaver Ted Kaptchuk
Introduction to Ayurveda.  Dr Vasant Ladd
The Ancient Art of Self Healing Yogi Bhajan
(All other books by Yogi Bhajan are also recommended)

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