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Be still and creep into My loving arms and find perfect peace and contentment. Be not dismayed. Understand that with a tremendous release of Cosmic Power great changes are taking place and much re-adjusting. Things can never be the same again for anyone and you are now going through this time of change and readjustment. Learn to take it all in your stride and never be afraid of the changes which are happening. Simply realise this is all in My plan, that nothing has gone wrong or gone astray. So much is working out on those higher levels and has to be brought down. So much is of the Spirit and in the process of bringing it down it loses a certain amount of its potency. This does not matter; bring it down, express it in words no matter how inadequately.  Eileen Caddy


As February gives way to March we progress towards the ending of one spiritual year allowing another one to start with the Spring equinox.  Some folk get very very nostalgic as they sense they cannot work backwards, modify or change the past all can only move forward.  If we really think about this, why would we want to go backwards anyway?  We are no longer the person we once were and the circumstances and environment will be different so we would be a fish out of water if we did.

Instead we have the possibility in this power filled time to upgrade our structures and support the flow of all structures as we connect and consciously include and integrate the more subtle realms of being .  They have, of course, always been there and we now have the chance to be more present and conscious in our interactions with them.  Up until now many have just have been reactive to life as it has been experienced.  As we start to interact we can become the calm in the midst of chaos,  even weathering heavy storms as we create a bridge of potential and connect in new and updated form.

The subtle levels are ever present however if we are in confusion we are unable to connect consciously with them.  Now is the time to integrate all into a cohesive form.  First we have to surrender our old points of reference until we have a willingness to create new levels of security from which to move on from.

We need to trust ourselves to be unresponsive to manipulation, gossip and/or deception.  We feel less of a need to resist circumstances, or avoid the challenges whether they are initially pleasant or not.  We trust ourselves to be less gullible as we question and speak our truth, listening and seeing if others are doing the same.  We begin to instinctively KNOW what is required for ourselves and we suggest a consensus pathway that can prove agreeable to others as they get used to the changing scenario.  Some are able to accept others are not, so we may find that people we used to hang out with are no longer around.  As we create and cleanse the space within us, and the space that surrounds us we make space for the new to make its presence felt and understood within our space.

It takes time to understand what is happening, not only for ourself but for others as well.  We find out where we fit into life now.  To do this we need to be patient more than anything as well as being as tolerant and willing to consider others as well as ourselves as we all all seek to express our updated truth.  We begin to discern light from dark even though we may be buffeted from one side to the other prior to gaining the middle ground as we reestablish balance.  More than any time past we will see the consequences of instant karma as every action as it has an equal and opposite reaction , so we move slowly and gently to enable all to keep pace and regain their balance.  If we have to deal with aggression where issues are being hidden, or there is deception,  or outright lying, be at peace they will be found out and we do not have to be the person to tell them how to behave or point out the error of their ways!  We need to learn to stay still within, and pass the issue to the MU rather than to put the aggressor ‘right’.  We insist on compliment rather than competition, we remain as still as we are able, to enable us to be calm, gentle and courteous,  More than ever we need to develop the internal sense of budding security at this time when the world and people within it are seemingly at the most insecure.  It doesn’t mean we ‘do’ nothing but it is the collective sense of ‘being’ that will enable light to re-emerge from darkness.

Suggested self check:

• Do you feel you have truly left the past behind?

• Do you feel centred in your state of being?

• Are you able to work out and speak your updated truth with gentleness and courtesy?

• Are you able to really listen to the truth of others without butting in?

• Can you now negotiate a collective plan that compliments all viewpoints without a need to attack or to defend?

• Do you feel calm, are you supporting yourself by seeking and taking up an activity new to you?

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